Tuesday, April 2, 2019

After Ever: A Paradise Cove Story (Paradise Cove, #3) by Santana Blair: Writing Done Well

Max Tucker can divide his life into two distinct parts: before and after. 

Before her, he was good at his job. No, he was better than good. As a rising star in sports agency with a reputation for getting what he wants when it comes to signing clients and making deals, he had a one track mind and that track was success

When his latest pursuit leads him away from California and to a quiet Virginian town, the last thing Max expects is to find the girl who makes him question everything he thought to be true. 

But when her life of silent shadows threatens any hope for a future together, it's up to Max to make the most important deal of his life. 

Because after isn't acceptable when he finally decides to live for Ever.

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After Ever is an emotional ride of a read; with serious depth and a solid backstory made to please.

Everleigh only knows fear. After getting out of a tumultuous relationship with Bobby, her abuser; she’s determined to fly under the radar. Arranged visits with her brother, work at the bookshop and home. A dull but reliable routine. That is until Max shows up at her shop, with a dead phone and an open heart.

Max works until exhaustion most days. On a work trip, he stumbles into a bookstore; hoping to get a little juice for his phone but he gets more than a charge for his phone. 

Neither Max nor Everleigh were looking for love. He was too busy. And, for Everleigh it was the farthest thing from her mind. She didn’t even talk, for goodness sakes. 

I adored that Everleigh didn’t speak. Not only was it a unique twist, but it also forced the author to dig deep and give the characters true emotions you could feel.

And, feel I did.

I was a complete mushball for a significant portion of the novel; sitting in the background like a voyeur, waiting for the two to connect.

The burn was slow, and the wait was worth it. Love took its time to bloom and grow in this novel—and the pacing was expert level.

The author seemed like a pro in this style of writing. The construction of the novel was on point. I was thoroughly impressed and satisfied with the character’s development and growth.

The secondary characters were solid and provided great detail to an otherwise bright story.

For those of you who prefer novels with sex, you won’t get that here. But, with covert kisses and sly glances—and some heavy petting, the novel doesn’t fall short because it lacked “sexy times.” The lack of it allowed the author to focus on the intimacy and emotional depth of the book and it paid off.

A solid novel, with all the right bits. After Ever is a great book, and I am excited to try more books from this author.

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  1. Hm... mush. I might have to give it a try just for that reason. :) Brilly review.