Wednesday, June 28, 2017

So You Want Me To Read Your Book?

I figured I'd do a quick post on my reviewing policies, as I don't think I have it written out clearly anywhere else on this site.

So here we go:

I love all the pretties, I really do. BUT I do NOT read the following:
1. Biographies, unless they're humor
2. War stories
3. Middle Grade unless it leans more towards the Young Adult genre
4. Witch-stories (this is debatable)
5. Political stories
6. Science-Fiction (will be taken on at my discretion)

I DO however read:
1. Young Adult Mostly
2. New Adult
3. Adult Fiction

I am a HUGE FAN of:
1. Contemporary
3. Romance

How to Submit reviews:
PLEASE submit review requests to:

IF I DO NOT reply, unfortunately I have missed your email, I will respond even if I am not interested in your novel.

Please do not submit a review request without a blurb. I need to know what you're asking me to read.

Please allow a timing of up to one month for the review to be completed. BUT be aware life happens and sometimes I can't meet the deadline every single time. Feel free to send a reminder, but please don't be rude--you're not paying me. Sorry, not sorry.

If you want a pre-release review let me know. This way I know the time frame in which you would like to have your book read.

I am very upfront about what I will and will not review.

I'm happy to work with you, and I hope this makes everything clear for you.

Okay, bye now.

PS:If you're waiting on a review, I'm working on it. I was out of commission for a bit, but I am working through my review copies, now. Keep an eye out on the site, and your email.

If you're looking for a review, remember:

Deadline Requirement

I AM taking review requests, currently. NOTE. I also review for Young Adult Books Central.


  1. Always good to have it written down somewhere. ;) Although I have what I will and won't read down as well and you would still be surprised with how many requests I get for books in genres I don't read. :/

  2. Good to always clarify this. I have a shorter version on my blog as well.

    1. I really hope it makes a difference, I really don't want to get any more requests to read the biography of a pony.