Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Dirty Like Brody by Jaine Diamond ARC Book Review



He was all she ever wanted. Then she broke his heart…

As longtime manager of Dirty, the hottest rock band on the planet, gorgeous and brooding Brody Mason has had his share of beautiful women.

Yet the only one he’s ever wanted is the one he never had—the one who tore his heart out.

Beautiful and elusive Jessa Mayes appears to have it all. Talent, money, and a glamorous life. But she also has a secret.

Six years ago, she ran away—from her dream career as a songwriter with Dirty, and the only man she’s ever loved—without telling anyone why.

Now Jessa’s doing the one thing she swore she’d never do. She’s coming home—to be a bridesmaid in her brother’s rock star wedding… and face the mistakes of her past.

It won’t be easy.

Love this intense never is.


OMG GUYS, like seriously, I have been away for far, far, too long--but if I am being honest life has not been playing fair lately. But, I'm ready to come back and serve my brutally honest reviews--because who wants to read a bunch of lies?

So with all of that being said, let's get to it, shall we?

If you are a frequenter of this blog, which I really hope you are. I've reviewed this new-to-me author's book, last year, and while I enjoyed it--it was lackluster in the emotion department. And as you all know I live in a glass case of emotion--especially when it comes to reading. I need to feeeeel the book, not just read it. And by George, I think she's got it.

So, in Dirty Like Brody--we have a second chance at romance type of read. Jessa's walked out on Brody, and she hasn't been back since--well since now. Her brother is getting married, and she must be there, but of course. Jenna has been running her entire life. Except now that she's coming back she has to face not only her past--but the man who's heart she broke all those years ago. It'll be easy, right? No.

Enter Brody. Brody is heartbroken, and definitely angry about all that happened between him and Jessa. But, he nor she can't deny the chemistry is definitely still there.

What really worked in this scenario is the back and forth. Not so much banter, but a good build-up. I am all for the build-up, the tease. It gives the reader something to hope for, and, oh, how we love to root for something. I rooted for Jessa and Brody all the way through. I wanted to lock them in a room and force them to reconcile their differences, almost immediately.

The blurb says their love was intense, and it was pretty intense. It was obvious from the very beginning they needed to be together. The struggle with this, between the two, was one of the better parts of this book. It was what was lacking in book one. The author came through with book two and made the series even better--and that's all I can ask for. 

All in all I was pleased with this read. The characters were pretty solid. The story had good pacing, and the plot itself was interesting enough--even as a rock-star romance (you know how I feel about these!) to keep me reading without faltering. I'd say it was a winner. 

This is a series, but don't feel absolutely required to read the previous book. The stories are interconnected--but I don't feel like you'd be completely lost, if you skipped a book, or read out of order. To be honest this is the better of the series, so if you want to skip book one, don't feel guilty. Just my opinion, it's what we do around here. :)

Otherwise, enjoy. It's worthwhile music-based read, with feeling and spark.


  1. Glad you gave this author another try and it paid off better for you the second go around. I do love when that happens. ;)

  2. It's nice when you read a book that's only so-so but then the next book in the series is better. Hopefully it continues in this direction!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  3. YAY! Missed your reviews ♥ and "because who wants to read a bunch of lies?" so much yes! That's why I love them so much. I don't think I will ever read this book because I'm still pretty much a YA reader but I'm glad the author got it right in this one and that you enjoyed it. :D

  4. Nice that giving the author another try paid off. I usually enjoy a good second chance romance.
    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

  5. Me? Read out of order? ;) Oh yea, I totally do that and I'm glad you found a entertaining book after being disappointed.