Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Inside Out Book Tag

Inside flap/Back of Book Summaries: Too Much Info? Or not Enough? Let's Discuss:
I have to say for the most part the inside of flaps tend to be lacking in information. I think it's the space constraints. Some flaps only have quotes and those really frustrate me. What is this book about?!

Then there's backs of books--those tend to have just the right amount of information. In few cases they have far too much information. It's always nice to have a balance and most publishers get the backs of books right.

New book? What form do you want to be in? Be honest: If I could have all new books be hardcovers I would like that. I tend to love how well they stand up. And they sometimes have fun graphics, colored pages and etc.

Scribble while you read? Do you like to write in your books, taking notes, making comments, or do you keep your books clean ? (Tell us why) Clean, what kind of devilish person writes in books. If it's not a textbook or some sort of study guide. I will not write in my books and I do not want my books to be written in!

In your best voice, read for us your favorite 1st sentence from a book.
Umm, I don't have one. So I cheated and googled one. I liked it. So here you go:

“It’s midnight, it’s sweltering, and I might be high on Vicodin, but that guy—that guy right over there—that’s him. The him.”
– Isla and the Happily Ever After, by Stephanie Perkins

Does it matter to you whether the author is male or female when you're deciding on a book? What if you're unsure of the author's gender? 
I, so do not care what gender an author is when I'm picking a book. If it sounds good. I'm getting it male or female, or animal. I'm reading it.

Ever read ahead? or have you ever read the last page way before you got there? 
No, I haven't ever skipped to the end. I would never for that matter I don't need to bother reading the book. Have I skipped a few pages, sometimes but for the most part--I'm reading my books straight through.

Organized bookshelves, or Outrageous bookshelves? 
Bookshelves, that is such a sweet idea. Except I don't have any--yet. Never have for many reasons but if I had them they'd be a semblance or organized and messy.

Under oath: have you ever bought a book based on the cover (alone)? 
Absolutely. I've not bought books because I didn't like the cover. I'm terrible. I know. Sue me. I will make no apologies for my irrational book buying habits. I try to be good about it but I have my moments.

Take it outside to read, or stay in? 

If I'm outside my book goes with me. If I'm in my book goes with me. You see the pattern? Wherever I am my book shall go. BUT if I had to choose I'd love to stay in and cozy with my book!


  1. I loved this book tag when I saw it a few months ago on another blog. Great answers!

    Danica @ A Redheaded Bookworm

  2. I hadn't seen this tag before!! I am also one to bring my book everywhere with me. Drives my husband nuts!! Great answers!

  3. What a great tag! Love your answers and I agree, what crazy person writes in books? I HATE that!

  4. Great questions! I think synopsis have to be done right with enough to pull someone in but without giving the whole plot away in the process.

  5. This was a pretty cool tag! Ideally, I would be with you - I like hardcovers and how aesthetically pleasing they can be. But the fact is that they are more expensive and I go for the cheap option ahaha. I hope you can get yourself some bookshelves too and find what kind of shelves they'll end up being as well ;)

  6. Great answers! I love my hardcovers girl, but I tend to stick with my Kindle or Ipad at work or at the hospital. I like organization, so both of my shelves are organized and I also have neatly stacked piles on the floor until I get me more shelves.

  7. What a fun tag! I haven't seen this one before. I love the way hardcovers look on my bookshelves but I'm not a fan of reading from them. I much prefer trade paperbacks or my Kindle for actual reading. And writing in books? Gah! Who does that? Ugh. I use page flags... nice and neat and doesn't mark the book up. And I'm so with you... my book goes *everywhere* with me. Going to work? Grab the book. Out to dinner? Grab the book. Doesn't matter - if I'm leaving the house it is always with a book in hand. Loved reading your answers, Jazmen!

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

  8. Very cool. Took me a minute to realize the words 'inside out' haha

    I hate when books only have quotes on the back cover. Or recommendations from other writers. Yeah, sure but if I've never heard of those writers it's not much of a recommendation! The inside flap can sometimes be concise enough that it intrigues me, but typically I just flip to a random page and start reading. If it hooks me, it's mine.

    The only books I write in are school books. Notes, post-its, dog ears. They get wrecked up, but at least I managed to learn the material. RARELY, I'll underline a sentence that really got me in a fiction book, but typically I'll just mark it with a post-it note.

    Really great answers!

  9. Never seen this tag before, but it looks fun! Hardcovers are the BEST but alas I am not rich so a lot of the time I have to go for paperbacks instead. And writing in books?? I don't understand that. I mean, I write and highlight things in my Bible but in any other books, I don't really see the point of it.
    I only have one tiny shelf so I try to get all my books to fit in it, but it's pretty messy.. *dreams of having a big house with huge bookshelves*

    Nice post!
    Cari @ My Addiction: Books