Thursday, February 18, 2016

Black History Month: My Favorite African American Shows and/or Shows Featuring "Black" MC's.


It feels kind of odd to say African American shows because they're not only for African Americans but I think you get the point. :)

So here we go:

The Haves and The Have Nots
This show is so on-the-edge of your toes good. It is drama, it is scandal, it's a hot mess--in the best way possible. It is very much like a soap opera in that there's always something going on with a particular character but it is so good. And Candace, she is a force to be reckoned with.

This is and always will be my absolute favorite show. There is no show I will ever love more. I am a huge fan of comedy that relates to real life, and this show holds nothing back in that area. I literally can quote most if not all episodes word for word.

This one's a newbie but it hasn't gotten me to stop laughing since I started it. The characters are exploring what it means to be black-ish in this crazy world.

My Wife And Kids
I still watch the reruns of this and get so many good laughs. The kids are crazy and Michael Kyle is devious but in a soft fatherly comedic way. A great show to watch even with younger kids--at least most episodes.

The Real Husbands of Hollywood
These men are some joke telling fools. It's like a reality show gone right. It's just down right funny.

How To Get Away with Murder
Talk about drama, murder and sex. This show is filled with it. And there's not a single episode that doesn't leave your jaw hanging.

Bad me I'm not even sure if this is still running because I haven't watched in a while but it was so good. AND, even if it wasn't--why wouldn't you want to watch it just to stare at Morris Chestnut?

The Jamie Foxx Show
Jamie is so silly in this show and man can you really see his singing talents in this one!


  1. Oh my gosh Martin! I remember that show! I watched it all the time and just loved it! How fun!

  2. Black-ish is sooo good. I think it is a bit underrated. I loooooove How To Get Away with Murder. I forced my mom to watch it and now we are both obsessed with it! I also love Empire but that's just because Taraji P. Hensen is an amazing actress.

  3. HTGAWM and Blackish are two I love. I used to absolutely love Martin!!

  4. HTGAWM and Blackish are two I love. I used to absolutely love Martin!!

  5. LOVE Blackish!! And HtGAwM is a great show too, though I've fallen a bit behind on that one.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  6. Scandal used to be a favourite of mine..until Fitz and Olivia started fucking with me. Gah. They're so maddening!

  7. I caught a few episodes of Blackish on a flight and laughed so hard! I need to watch more for sure.
    I LOOOVE HTGAWM. That show is batshit crazy and Viola Davis is queen!
    I need to check out some of these other shows, especially The Haves and Have Nots.
    Great post! :)

  8. Wow, you gave me some serious nostalgia for Martin. I used to *love* that show. It was total must see TV. :) And Sheneneh... she (well, he LOL) took it to a whole other level. I didn't watch My Wife and Kids a lot but I did catch it when I could. Anything with Tisha Campbell. Love her. These days I rarely ever turn on the TV so I'm missing any of the newer shows.

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

  9. Omg I so love Black-ish. It makes my day whenever I watch an episode since it leaves me extremely happy. There should be more shows like it. ♥

  10. I wish I had more time to watch shows! I actually don't do it too often, and when I do I'm usually rewatching my favourite episode of Doctor Who - because that's just me xD I have been meaning to try Empire and also How to Get Away With Murder, so maybe I will do so soon!

  11. Omg! Martin! The Jamie Foxx Show! My Wife and Kids! I used to love those so much. Great shows. :)