Saturday, December 12, 2015

Shadows of Angels by L.G. Rollins Feature+Excerpt!

After the forest dwellers destroy her home and kill her father, Aerbrin sets off on a journey to find the truth about her people, her kingdom, and the mysterious Zaad stone that contains a power she never imagined. Magic and mystery join forces in this intriguing fantasy world. Full of shifting alliances and twists you won't see coming, it's a can't-miss read.

"Stay calm, her father’s words echoed in her head. When you find yourself in danger, above all,

stay calm. Aerbrin took a deep, steady breath and leaned down, reaching for her bow. one of

the Forest Dwellers charged. It collided with her and knocked her to the floor. Raising a knotted

fist, he bashed her head.

Sparks exploded across her vision. She tried to raise an arm, tried to call out. Her body wouldn’t

respond. The Forest Dwellers grunted again. The creature above her raised its fist again. She

looked up. This was the end, she knew. When these monsters attacked, they killed everything.

Animals, plants, and particularly humans. No one survived.

Closing her eyes, Aerbrin forced her body to relax. This time, there was no pain."

L. G. Rollins grew up in a far off land fighting dragons, stealing talismans, and traveling with

dwarfs and elves. She is especially skilled at bribing giants with sweets. Currently, her husband and 

four kids live in Utah so that is where she spends most of her time. She may, or may not, have a Zaad Stone.

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Shadows of Angels comes out December 8th and is the beginning of the Zaad Stone trilogy.


  1. O.O! I'm intrigued!!! I've been reading lots of fantasy books lately and I'm eager to discover more great stories. :D

  2. Well, I hope you do give Shadows of Angels a try. I think you'll love it.

    L.G. Rollins