Thursday, December 4, 2014

Would You Rather?..Book Blogger Tag

1. Rather read only a series or stand-alone books?
If I had to choose only one I'd go for series. The wait can sometimes be excruciating but at least I'll have a ton to read.

2. Rather read a book whose main character is male or female?
This is a tough one but I think if I had to choose one or the other. I'd choose male. They're rare and I like their point of view.

3. Rather only shop at Barnes and Noble (or other bookstore) or Amazon?
I only shop at Amazon. It is a rare occasion if I actually shop at Barnes and Noble. I am a thrift shopper and I don't usually get a bargain at B&N.

4. Rather all books become movies or TV shows?
Movies, definitely movies. To be honest most adaptations aren't all that accurate and to imagine watching the "wrong" characters day in and day out would not make me happy.

5. Rather read five pages per day or five books per week?
Five books per week. Five pages would be like Chinese water torture.

6.Rather be a professional book reviewer or author?
Author for sure. That's my dream.

7. Rather only read 20 of the same books over and over or get to read a new book every six months?
I would rather get a new book every six months. I'll always have something to look forward to, and there are very few books that I will actually re-read.

8.Rather be a librarian or own a bookstore?
I'm going to go with bookstore because I've imagined owning one and I know exactly how I would design it.

9. Rather only read your favorite genre or your favorite author?
Favorite genre. As much as I love certain authors, I wouldn't want to be restricted to one writer.

10. Rather only read physical books or eBooks?
This is kind of tough because I will always prefer physical books but eBooks allow me to have far more books. BUT sometimes while reading eBooks  my mind wanders. Physical books would be better because that means I'll always have that weight in my hands and that smell of paper in my nose.


  1. I have the same problem with ebooks. I have a really short attention span anyway so if I'm reading on my phone and then I get an e-mail or a text, I've pretty much lost all focus. And I love holding a physical book in my hand. I have a weird habit of running my thumb down the pages while I read. It's like a security blanket.

  2. Oooohhhh a tag!
    And finally there is someone in the world that has the same opinion as me on the physical vs. ebook argument! I like both but one is more convenient and one is better feeling :)

  3. I only shop at Amazon too, but that's because I live in a small town and the nearest bookstore is about 3 hours away and the Wal-Mart selection sucks hahaha. Totally agree with number 9, at least with genres there are multiple books coming out at one time. Can you imagine having to wait a year for another book by the same author *shudders*

  4. Five pages per day? Omg so sad that would be haha! What a fun post, too! We def match on almost all answers - I don't shop on Amazon though mostly TBD as Amazon's shipping fees to canada are crazy balls! >.< And B&N doesn't ship here at all so that question would not even apply lol!!

    1. That would be awful actually.

      I can imagine how crazy shipping rates can be. I would do whatever is cheapest!

  5. I would love to see more books become tv shows that are actually done really well, but it does seem like all too often they are different
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings