Friday, December 19, 2014

Reading Between The Lines (The Rosewoods, #5) by Katrina Abbott Book Review

Brooklyn Prescott is starting to settle into life at The Rosewood School for Academic Excellence. Now that the masquerade ball is over and was a total success (whew!), she can return to her non-party planning life! She’s dating Jared officially now that he’s returned from Japan, and he’s even asked her to read his memoir of his life as a child actor, a great honor for Brooklyn, the wannabe journalist. 

But just as things seem like they’re sliding into place, Emmie breaks up with Dave, who is suddenly showing interest in Brooklyn. More confused than ever, Brooklyn doesn’t know what to do—stay with the great guy who is obviously into her, or take a chance with the one she’s been crushing on since her first day on campus and risk alienating her friend and roommate? And what about Coach Fleming, who she has to resist every single day at equestrian practice? 

One kiss starts the ball rolling and a second changes everything, causing a chain of events Brooklyn never could have imagined. As the holidays approach, Brooklyn needs to figure out who and what she is most thankful for. But then who she really is catches up with her and turkey dinners and horse shows are nothing compared to suddenly being faced with a life or death situation. 

Reading Between The Lines is the fourth installment of The Rosewoods, an exciting new Young Adult series for readers who love fun, flirty love stories. 
Reading Between the Lines brings us back into Brooklyn's story, our original Rosewood newbie. Like the others, Reading Between the Lines was a fun and light read. But, unlike the others, there was a bit of drama and a love rectangle. She's dating Jared, crushing on Dave and trying to resist Brady, talk abotu choices.

There was always the promise of a love triangle/rectangle with the way Brooklyn's story has been going. But I assure you, you love triangle haters, it wasn't at all a hindrance to my enjoyment of the story. If nothing, it enhanced it. It was nice to have that drama thrown into these usual sweet easy going stories.

I liked seeing the way Brooklyn's story progressed. Her story was more exciting this time around and I appreciated that turn. As a fan of the series it was nice to have more drama. Don't get me wrong I love the easy going nature of the books but the conflict was a nice and intriguing change.

I'm pleased with where the series is going and despite the fact that it's already on book six it doesn't at all feel like it's dragging along. I love this fun series and I recommend it to anyone looking for something fun and light to read.


  1. pretty good review for book 6 !


  2. I haven't read this series, but thank you for putting it under my radar!

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