Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Melt by Selene Castrovilla Advanced Book Review

Based on true events, MELT is both a chilling tale of abuse, and a timeless romance. MELT will hit you like a punch in the face, and also seep through the cracks in your soul.

MELT is a brutal love story set against the metaphorical backdrop of The Wizard of Oz (not a retelling). When sixteen year old Dorothy moves to the small town of Highland Park, she meets, and falls for Joey – a “bad boy” who tells no one about the catastrophic domestic violence he witnesses at home. Can these two lovers survive peer pressure, Joey’s reputation, and his alcoholism?

Told in dual first person, Joey’s words are scattered on the page – reflecting his broken state. Dorothy is the voice of reason – until something so shattering happens that she, too, may lose her grip. Can their love endure, or will it melt away?
 I want to thank both Netgalley and Last Syllable Books for this review copy!

Wow. Just wow. This book.

Told in dual POV's, Melt is nothing like I expected it to be, and yet I can't believe how much I loved it. First off, let's talk about the writing. I loved the way the author wrote this novel. It had a poetic tone that flowed so well. The way the sentences were structured made the novel enjoyable to read. As well as the way she repeated certain phrases and words one after the other--it gave those words, and thoughts impact--it made me feel them all the more.
Now onto the meat of the story--the dreaded, supposed insta-love. Although I've seen reviews from people that have DNF'd this book because of the so called insta-love at the very beginning, I don't necessarily agree. Did the two characters pretty much fall for each other right away? Absolutely, but the love--the love part didn't come until much later.

To be quite frank to say that a girl or a guy can't see someone and feel an instantaneous reaction or attraction to them would be a lie in itself. To say these characters fell in love right away is false too. The word "love" didn't actually leave either of their mouths until much later. I can see how it can be seen as insta-love but it is so much more.

What I loved about this story most, was how the story itself was told. There was such raw emotion, such genuine heartfelt raw emotion. It made this story shine, it sucked me in. Yes, there is the proverbial good girl and bad guy, but for whatever reason it never felt cliche to me. It just felt right, it felt real.

I appreciated the focus on just the two main characters, the story never really drifted from their relationship, if that is not your cup of tea, I'd abandon ship now because you will be disappointed. I can't even really say there was a true plot, or a conclusion but it didn't deter my reading and it didn't take away from my enjoyment. This book is more about life, growing, and learning, more than it is about getting to some designated spot, or some clean cut conclusion.

I loved this book for its raw realness, and if read this and you wind up hating it, I'm so sorry you couldn't see it the way I did.

I highly recommend this one, "insta-love" and all.


  1. The synopsis sounds really interesting, adding this book to my to read shelf! Lovely review :)

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  2. hmm... isn't Disney a promoter of Insta love? and yet we love it?

  3. Heh don't you love it when something this unexpected just happens along? :)
    So glad you loved it. You needed one of these :)

  4. I'm okay with insta-love, just like with the slow-burn type, they will either work or not. Depends on the author's skill to make it good. I've read a book by this author before and I remember liking it a lot, so I should check this one out. Oh, and that cover is gorgeous!

    1. Yeah, I agree! This is the very first book I've read by her and I was very pleased! Hope you like this one too!