Friday, October 24, 2014

The Rosewoods Book Three: Playing The Part by Katrina Abbott Book Review
Kaylee Bennett has never felt like she really fit in at The Rosewood Academy for Academic Excellence, but this year she feels even more like an outsider. Life has done a one-eighty for Kaylee and as she returns to the posh school for girls, she can’t bring herself to tell her secret to her friends and definitely not her long term crush, Phillip Carson. Not that Kaylee could ever imagine he would be attracted to a quiet bookworm like her anyway. But then there’s Declan Ryan, the gorgeous exchange student who seems to be interested, until Kaylee finds out his secret and why he might actually be into her, and it has nothing to do with her charm or love of English literature.
To complicate matters, Kaylee gets stuck running the school’s production of Romeo and Juliet, directing both Declan and Phillip with the help of Rosewood’s sexy first year teacher, Mr. Stratton—as if the Westwood boys weren’t enough of a distraction!
Determined to stay away from Declan and make things work with Phillip, Kaylee isolates herself from her friends and hides out in the house of cards she’s built to protect herself, but how long will it stay standing? 
I just adore these fun, and flirty books. They're packed with sugar, and spice and everything nice---that's what these books are made of.

In this in-between novel, we get Kaylee's story--daughter of movie producers and supreme secret holder. Kaylee has never felt like she fit in but when she returns from summer break, life makes sure she fits in even less.

She's holding secrets, and dodging questions from her closest friends. Then in steps Phillip Carson, long time crush and Declan Ryan, gorgeous, Irish-accented dream. Of course, when there's two guys it's never going to be easy.

Love, life, secrets, and all around cuteness make this novel a treat to read. It's not action-packed or overly dramatic but it's just as good as the one's that are. What I like most about these books is that it doesn't need to over do anything to be good. It just is. It makes me feel like a teenager again, although my life story is not nearly as interesting. It just makes you feel good, yes--that's it, it's a feel good book. At times I smiled and giggled like the school girl.

I enjoyed Kaylee's back story and her love triangle-ish dilemma. It was a nice distraction while waiting for book five to release, which luckily for me I won't be waiting for--since I already have it.

If you're new to this series, I should mention that although there are five books in this series, but they're good enough, and strong enough to stand on their own--without the obligation of reading the others first, aside from books one and two which follow the same characters.

Abbott has a way with the cute and awkward and I can't wait to read book five, which features Emmie's story. 

PS: You can nab a kindle copy of books 1-3 for $0.99 cents on Amazon.

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