Monday, September 8, 2014

The 100 Society by Carla Spradbery

The 100 Society is described as a suspenseful standalone YA thriller about six sixth-form students at an elite boarding school who form a society, The 100 Society, based around a dangerous game. When a menacing stalker, the Reaper, becomes involved, the game takes a darker turn.
The synopsis--the sneaky little devil, sucked me right in. Thriller, a formed society, a dangerous game, a stalker, a reaper--Come on, even you're tempted!
Well, don't be because it's all lies!
And what's with the cover blurb, "Who will survive the countdown?" *scans through the pages* I must have missed that part. 

Anyway the synopsis is terribly misleading because what was supposed to be a dangerous game felt nothing at all like it was intended. Sure, there was danger but I wouldn't necessarily call any of it a game. It was more like a bunch of whiny, crying (there was a lot of crying going on--even the guys!) teens who all came together to achieve a single goal all the while dealing with an "A" (If you watch the TV show, Pretty Little Liars you know what I'm talking about) type person who is set on exposing and destroying them.

That sounds exciting, right, right?!  It wasn't, not really. I'm not going to lie though for a while it had me. I was totally getting into the story but then it fell kind of flat. The author's use of words I didn't understand, unrequited crushes, and crying teenaged boys kind of got on my nerves.

The author uses the word balaclava quite a bit on the first couple of pages and I wound up having to look it up, it means ski mask of sorts, just in case you wanted to know. I did not know that. That was kind of annoying, only because it was consistently repeated.

The characters are half decent but they wine, and cry a lot. They're constantly at odds and people die.
I had an idea who I thought was responsible, I was right, at least I was once it got closer to the end, so that part wasn't really surprising. 

The author does make a good effort at making it mysterious, and for some part of it, it was. I just wasn't anxious or whipping through the pages dying to know what was going to happen next. I like that factor when I'm reading thrillers. That's not to say the book is terrible because it isn't. It's just okay, not all that great. I'd recommend it, if you're looking for a thriller that's not to hard to figure out.

Oh, btw there's romance, for you romance lovers out there, but it's pretty angsty and short lived, that is until the end when two characters promise each other forever. Meh. I give it three stars because it wasn't absolutely terrible but it was far from amazing.


  1. I'm reading this right now and so far, I'm thinking the same things you wrote down. It's not terrible, but it's nothing amazing either, and the blurb is misleading. But it's still an entertaining read. Curious to see how it plays out.

    1. I hope you wind up liking it more than I did. :D

  2. I think these kinds of books are the worst, the Meh ones. Sucks that it wasn't what you hoped :(

  3. I was reading the summary for this and getting really interested and like "YES" but now I'm like "no". I can't stand whiney, crying characters. I understand once in a while (because, honestly, everyone does it from time to time) but it sounds like that is a major factor in this book and I just can't. I'm also upset about how misleading the synopsis and cover blurb.

    Le sigh. I'll be skipping over this one. Thanks for the honest review!