Monday, August 4, 2014

Why watching The City of Bones for the first time changed my mind about the books

I have to admit it. I just watched the City of Bones movie for the very first time today. I can hear the echoes of the gasps around the blogosphere. If you frequent my blog you'll know that I wasn't too, too, crazy about the books. I just couldn't connect with the characters not in the same way that so many others have. I enjoyed books one and two but by book three it kind of lost me about a quarter of the way through. I was set on never reading the rest of the books.

Then I watched the movie and in this instance it changed my mind. I don't really recall how accurate the movie is in comparison to the books but I'm sure there are things that are missing, the cat being the one thing I happened to notice.

I really loved the way the characters came across in the movie and I am now a mortal instruments fan and officially a Jace groupie.
I know that now that I've decided to read it, I'll be finishing the series in tears. Spoilers have let on about that. YAY for spoilers. *sarcasm*
 I have managed to avoid finding out who dies and who lives in the very last book, so at least I have that. The movie has made me a shadowhunting believer, and I'm actually excited abut the rest of the series and lucky for me I won't have to wait for anymore books. I also wouldn't mind seeing the rest of the movie on the big screen. Hopefully they (producers, whomever is involved) can work out whatever needs working out and give us the rest of the movies.

Well, fellow shadowhunters until next time. I'm off to search for the rest of the books. <3


  1. That's great that it made you re-consider reading the books! If I hadn't read the books, I think I would have loved the movie. I love Jamie Campbell Bower and the movie was definitely entertaining. But having loved the books, I felt they did change the plot too much. I'm hoping if they make the next one, that they stick a little closer to the book. Great post, and happy reading!

  2. They changed the movie wayyyyyy to much from the book for me. I was mad through the whole movie. I love the series but that movie insulted the books. I'm glad you are willing to reread them though. They deserve it

  3. when it comes to books being made into movies, there is NO possible way to win over everyone :) I agree with you, I wasn't a fan of the books in exactly the same way, but the movie wasn't terrible because I didn't have high hopes for it (and I absolutely love Robert Sheehan as Simon!). Will they be making more, I wonder?? ;)

  4. Yay! I honestly still haven't seen the movie because I'm afraid it won't live up to how much I loved the series but after reading how it changed your opinion, I might have to reconsider and finally watch it! I'm glad that you're going to be giving the books a second chance! I hope you enjoy them!!

    Ashtyn @ Wonderland’s Reader!

  5. That's funny that seeing the movie made you want to read the books, glad you're giving them a second chance! I loved the entire series, although I must admit that I love Infernal Devices a little more. I did like the movie, but I didn't understand why they changed key plot points…very frustrating. Hope you enjoy the rest of the series!! (I would advise, if you want to read Infernal Devices, to read it before you read the last book of Mortal Instruments…it will spoil Infernal Devices a little). ~Pam

  6. Yeah those book to movie adaptations are...something else. They usually always change something.

    I actually bought the first Infernal Devices book some months ago because it was so highly recommended to me. Everyone I spoke to said that I may enjoy that series more than TMI so I'll try to read them alongside each other. Thanks!

  7. I was pleasantly surprised by the movie too. Much better than I thought it would be :)

  8. I liked the movie, the second half was awesome and very entertaining! I have yet to move on with the series too, maybe one of these days I'll start with book two. Maybe.