Sunday, August 24, 2014

Middle Ground by Katie Kacvinsky (Awaken, # 2) Book Review

Genre: Young Adult, Dystopia
Published: November 20th, 2012
Edition: Hardcover, 321 pages
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Source: Bought

For four weeks Maddie has been living in Los Angeles, trying to be good. But no matter how hard she tries, something inside her won't be sated. She can't live a life of half-truths and false pretenses. So one night, she says how she really feels.

That's all it takes. One night. One bad decision, and Maddie is thrown into a detention center where she's forced to undergo secretive treatment meant to squash her rebellious streak. The powers that be call it rehabilitation. Maddie calls it torture.

Alone, Maddie will not survive. But if she can find something to hold on to - an image of Justin, their love - maybe she can fight. And if she's really lucky, maybe she'll even win.
It feels funny sitting in front of a computer typing this review after reading this book, especially when the characters in the book fought so hard against being forced to live in a controlling digital world.

Anyway, the thing about this book that I most enjoyed was the plot it seemed exactly like something that could happen in real life--which made it easier to relate to.

In book two Maddie is attempting to live the life her father expects of her but one wrong move lands her in the detention center for rebellious teens. Those teens that are against the digital system. It is in that center that she both loses and finds her fight.

It's been a really long time since I've read book one, so the details were a little hazy. What I do know is that this book is substantially better. There was a lot more action and a lot more character development. I can remember that much.

I actually found myself going through the book quickly, the writing was so fluid.

The characters are just like people you'd meet every day and they were heroes without all of the effort. I enjoyed the romance, and it didn't take up too much of the story, and best of all it didn't seem forced. I think that might be worse than insta-love.

This is a good read for someone looking to read an actual realistic dystopia novel.

Btw the ending is a cliffhanger but it's not so intense that you'll go crazy waiting.


  1. I'm surprised I haven't heard of this series before! From the blurb and how you describe it, it sounds like something I would really enjoy. I love realistic dystopians and with the technology aspect of this story, it sounds VERY realistic! Thanks for the awesome review!

  2. I actually remember liking book one more than book two, but it was so long ago that I read these. I actually just read a review copy of book three and LOVED it. I'd love to reread these all sometime :)