Friday, August 22, 2014

Interview with Alexandra Adornetto, Author of the Halo series and the new YA series, Ghost House+Giveaway!

First off, thank you for sitting down and answering these questions. I, and your readers thank you!

First off, you are welcome! I love connecting with you guys and answering interesting questions!

How did you come up with the concept for Ghost House? Were you inspired by any personal happenings?

I definitely drew on my own experiences with the supernatural when writing Ghost House. The house itself was inspired by the home I grew up in in Australia. We called it The Boo Radley house because it was set far back from the street, with these old peeling shutters and the windows always looked pitch black. A lot of strange things happened in that house. There was a presence there that was definitely not friendly. I could feel it in my bedroom at night and often, when I was home alone, weird things would happen that no one could explain. Since then, I've wanted to write a book about a haunted place...after I got the hell out of there, of course.

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen any?

The answer would have to be a big YES. I have seen many ghosts, mostly when I was a child, just like the character of Chloe. I would sometimes see flashes of ghosts, in the state in which they died, which was more than a little unsettling. Like Chloe's mom, my mom showed me to shut them out, by putting up a mental wall. Nowadays, it only happens very occasionally. Maybe kids are more receptive to picking up other worldly vibes!

What kinds of things can the reader expect to see in Ghost House? What makes this book different from your "Halo" books aside from the obvious angel, ghost difference?

I feel like Halo was all about the supernatural; this epic battle between the forces of Heaven and Hell, angels demons, heavenly wrath, the whole shebang. But Ghost House, although defined as supernatural, is really about relationships. It's about two great love affairs, one in the past and one in the present. It's about ideas of reincarnation and an afterlife that could exist parallel to our world. I spoke to a Buddhist recently who explained that sometimes we are not lucky enough to find our soul mate in this life, but that doesn't mean we didn't find them in the past and will again in the future. That's a reassuring idea.

I see a potential book boyfriend in Alexander. Can you tell us a little bit about his character?

I loved writing the character of Alex. Although he died very young, his ghost has had 150 years to watch the world change and go on without him. He has known intense love and intense loss, suffering and regret. Although he might be classified as a "YA book boyfriend" which he is in the sense, that he's handsome and protective etc, but he is also extremely lonely and vulnerable. If you think about it, his soul is completely lost and he can never be truly at peace.

If you could describe this book to potential readers in just three words what would they be?

Haunting. Suspenseful. Intriguing.

GHOST HOUSE, book one of a powerful new trilogy by New York Times bestselling author Alexandra Adornetto, follows Chloe Kennedy whose frightening ability to see the dead leads her into peril.
Wracked by grief after his wife’s death, Chloe’s dad sends her far away from sunny California to live with relatives in the rainy English countryside. Unhappy with the change of scenery, Chloe changes her mind when she encounters Alexander Reade, a mysterious and handsome young man. Unfortunately, Alexander is no ordinary crush - he’s a former resident of her grandmother’s house who died over a century ago and whose ghost has not moved on.
As a small child, Chloe had been frightened by ghostly apparitions. But the spirits had one day disappeared and Chloe believed she had put her weird talent behind her. Now she can not only see Alexander but talk to him, even touch him in her dreams. Their connection is immediate and intense, but when their budding relationship awakens a vengeful spirit, Chloe’s tangled emotions could have dangerous consequences. Will she be dragged forever into the world of the dead?
 Alexandra Adornetto started writing at a very young age, with her first novel being released when she was only thirteen. A native of Australia, Alexandra moved to the US to study at the University of Mississippi. She is currently living in Hollywood and working on a number of film projects, both as a writer and an actress.
GHOST HOUSE is Alexandra’s seventh published novel and the first book in what will become her third trilogy. The first two novels of her beloved Halo series both debuted on the New York Times bestseller list and her books are sold in more than 25 countries worldwide.
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  10. I love a good ghost story and I'm not easily scared. :)

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