Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back-To-School Book Blogger Challenge Hosted by Parajunkee Day Three--Memorable Class Moment

Day 3: Most Memorable School Memory
College frankly is more memorable for me. High school is one big blur of boring.

The one thing I remember most is this course I took with a professor who is/was both a screenwriter and an author. She was hard-a$$ed and always giving everyone a hard time. If you came in late (even though everyone's eyes would rest on you like laser beams) she would call you out, and speak on it for far more minutes than I ever thought necessary. This only happened to me once and I will not lie it was one of the days. So when she started in on me I rolled my eyes and ignored her. *Hey rebel over here* It wasn't that I was disregarding her. It was just I had to work until 12, get home at 1, get in bed at 2, and wake up at six, and--be bright eyed bushy tailed and ready to be a creative genius at whim. I just did not want to hear it.

Anyway, It was a sort of art appreciation, writing course. We had to choose an artistic topic/focus and write about these things. It was pretty interesting. I have to admit it helped me to write better. 

At the very end of the course the professor was evaluating everyone aloud in front of everyone. *gasp* (Crazy, right?)  She said that she underestimated me and that I surprised her with how well I was writing (wrote). I swear I had a grin from ear to ear. What writer doesn't want to hear that kind of thing? But she also said that I write with emotion. She said I was a romantic writer.  I carried that moment for the rest of the day. Those simple words kind of changed my life. It really helped me to hone my writing and to better understand myself as a person and as a writer, because well--it's all true.

It's amazing how teachers can change your life with just a little encouragement.

Have any good school memories? Share!


  1. I feel like I would be absolutely terrified of the professor! I'm starting college soon and ALSO want to be both an editor and a writer. I'm majoring in creative writing so I'll probably take some classes similar. And you're totally right - whenever I get praise about my writing, I light up like a Christmas tree!

    1. Awesome! I hope all of your professors encourage you and help you grow as a writer! I'm going back to get my masters in creative writing hopefully this spring! *fingers crossed* Maybe we could share our work with each other?!

  2. Awesome story! My schools days are nothing more than a hazy memory lol

  3. Wow, that's pretty awesome! I would never forget that. :)
    My most memorable memory would be when a really hard to please middle school teacher starting clapping as soon as I finished an exposition. She said: "Now that's how you do it kids, she spoke with knowledge and quite brilliantly." And to me "You'll go far, Melissa."
    Well, I haven't gone that far yet in my life but her words are still ringing in my ears. :)

    1. That's really cool. I just love encouraging teachers. Great story :)