Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back To School Book Blogger Challenge Hosted by Parajunkee -Days 1, and 2

So I seen this challenge a little late but I decided I wanted to jump in anyway. Since I'm behind I'm combining all of the days that I already missed. The schedule is below:

Day 1: The dreaded introduction

I don't know about any of you but the whole stand up in front of the class and introduce yourself bit was not in the least bit exciting for me. My voice trembled and went in and out like a teenaged boy going through puberty. I would spew generic resume like facts about myself before quickly sitting down and averting the watchful eyes of my fellow classmates. It was not fun.

I have since grown out of that (Sort of. Okay. Maybe not all that much.) and I'm going to spew a little less resume-like facts about myself.

*steps up to the podium*
My name is Jazmen *waves* I am in my twenties. (Never ask a lady her age ;) I obviously love to read, but I have a strong appreciation for realistic writing and memoirs. I love to hear people's true stories.
I love 80's movies, or really classic movies in general. My favorites are The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, and Weird Science. I also really love old TV shows like, The Love Boat, All in The Family, and  Columbo. Good ol' clean television.

I am hoping to become a both a writer and an editor. Both of which I hope to pursue once I get back to NYC next month. SO EXCITED to be moving back, btw!

Anyway, my fave' colors are pink and white. I love black cats. I love bright lipstick. Water and tea are my favorite beverages and I have a weak spot for British (English?)  accents and sarcastic jokes. I absolutely love trivia and I love to learn.
*deep breath* I don't want to write you guys a biography so we'll stop here.

Day 2: Let me teach you a lesson--Dream lesson plan

I've always felt like I suck at teaching. No I haven't tried but I just feel like it would be a struggle anyway, if I were to ever become a teacher my dream teaching job would be an English teacher--how shocking!

My dream lesson plan would include anything that would inspire innovative thinking and creativity with a dash of old school learning. 

I know that a lot of students are tired of reading classical literature and I understand. BUT, I think there is something to learn from them so I would include at least 1 or two classics like The Scarlet Letter, and The Great Gatsby. (Wait, is that classic?)

I would also like to include some new stuff. I'm not sure which books they would be but it would have to be something I think can be drawn upon. Something kids can learn from.

So basically I have no plan but I have an idea. That counts right--right?


  1. Hey, you did a pretty good job on introducing yourself! *cheers* I didn't know you want to be an editor, that's so cool. You'll be great at it, I'm sure.
    Classics aren't that bad, although I agree with your decision to keep it to a minimum with great ones. :)

    (What a fun challenge!)

  2. :D Thanks so much, Melissa. You should try it out! I'd love to see your answers.