Monday, December 9, 2013

YA AND NA Holiday Giveaway: Day One, Anne Eliot

Christmas is my favorite time of the year, so I'm kicking off the holiday season with a little YA, NA Giveaway! I will feature a different author, everyday for the rest of the week. There will be one entry form but you can choose which book you'd like to win. To see them all check back daily for the other prizes! There will be a secret word hidden in the author interview so you might want to read it! All interviews will give us a secret look at our favorite author's holiday traditions and wish lists.

You're having christmas dinner, and all of your guests are authors. Who's there and what are you having?

This question is impossible. First because I have a list a mile long of authors I'd wish to invite and could never pick, and second, because if anyone dared to show at dinner, AT MY HOUSE, I'd freak-choke-pass-out. I've got serious star struck on author issues, so if I really love an author's work when I meet them I can't speak. If I manage to move my lips at all rocks fall out of my mouth. This has happened to me at Romantic Times and Romance Writer's of America. I finally see/meet my dream authors who inspired me and crickets-crickets-run-the-other-way'. I'm also dyslexic and at parties (and in life) I forget and mix up everyone's names, even people I know well, like my whole family.

This is also how I operated back when I had crushes on boys. The bigger the crush--the faster I'd choke. I'd go to a party, the guy would be at the party, I'd freak out (call him by the wrong name, of course) and I'd feel a lot sick and LEAVE by way of RUNNING back to the dorms and sit alone. Yep…so, obviously I was single and the last living virgin on the planet because of this. Not gonna lie…but it worked out…eventually. I married a patient guy called Tom--er--Edward--Mr. Darcy--heck, what's his name?

If you could spend Christmas in any other place besides where you live, your family can come along, where do you go and why?

I would love to go to spend Christmas with my cousin Sonia and her family in Italy. She and I are so close, but now that we have kids and jobs and lives with husbands and school schedules for kids--it's too expensive to travel so far with four tickets to Italy (and same for her four tickets to the USA). This is sad so if I could go there, I would.

You're responsible for making a holiday soundtrack, what's on it?

Oh…all the campy old-school ones by Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra…all the songs where they add in extra snapping fingers and cheesy 'jingle jingle' and really campy bells and awkward 'ho ho ho's' in the background. My dad always played those so I love them the best.

The elves are all sick and they need someone to get the toys ready for Santa, what toys do you put in Santa's sack?

Gift cards gift cards and gift cards…I just hate shopping in every way and I hate wrapping presents more, so if I could fill that sack with cards, then people could go out and spend them and the wrapping is just an envelope!

Sometimes we don't always get what we want. What was the one thing you never got but wish you had on Christmas?

Well…hmm…I got the Easy Bake Oven, and I got that Cabbage Patch Doll, but my parents would never get me one of those FURBYS. You know those? I just saw an ad that says they are back and my whole body was like…OOOOH-WANT-FURBY…so, I think I'm still harboring some sadness over that thing. 

Santa's coming, what's on your christmas wish list?
On my wish list…(besides the new Furby) I've got my eye on some seriously nerdy things. I love any and all office supplies and lap desks, any and all soft blankets, pillows and whatever it is--if it's made of strange fleeciness--I WANT IT. I also have always wanted one of those 5gajillondollar massage chairs. So…(true confession here) during the holidays, I convince my daughter to dress up a bit, and we waltz into the Relax the Back store where we pretend we that we are going to by one of these chairs for my 'oh-so-rich' husband for Christmas. Then we totally sit in the chairs and get a full demo and chair massage. We really spend extra time pushing all the buttons in them (side by side) and milk it for all we can--and then we dash out. Is that sad and bad and pathetic? We were just talking about how it's THE SEASON last weekend. THE GO SIT IN THE FANCY CHAIR SEASON… Don't laugh…we live in a town where there is not much to do, okay? (hah-lol)

Today's christmas eve, what kind of cookies are you leaving for santa?

Oh, warm chocolate chip (the kind you cook off the ready-made cookie dough--don't get any ideas that I was adding baking soda or anything like that) and a half glass of milk (because we know he's so full by the time he gets to our place).

Are you on the naughty or the nice list?
I hope I'm on the nice list...
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