Monday, November 18, 2013

To Liv From The Ruin (To Liv From Here) by Adrienne Stewart Patton Book Review!

To Liv From The Ruin (To Liv From Here) by Adrienne Stewart Patton 
Publisher: Self Published
Published Date: August 29th, 2013
Kindle Edition: 250 pages

An allegorical tale of exhilarating adventure, TO LIV FROM THE RUIN is an inspiring story told from the inside out. 

When twenty-five-year-old Liv Raines decides to give up on life, she makes one last-ditch effort to find her way and consequently embarks on a revolutionary journey of self-discovery.With unparalleled courage, first time author Adrienne Stewart Patton captures the vulnerability of humankind and suggests the way to understanding the human psyche is to first explore the human soul.A debut novel like none other, TO LIV FROM THE RUIN is highly imaginative, invitingly personal and beautifully unique. Patton’s poetic display of the light and dark characteristics of the human soul is enticing and her method is groundbreaking in that the landscape for this enthralling fantasy is the human soul itself.TO LIV FROM THE RUIN is Book 1 of Adrienne Stewart Patton’s epic adventure series entitled, TO LIV FROM HERE.

Rating four out of 5 stars

*copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

To Liv from Ruin is a thinking kind of book. You don't just read it, you absorb it. I hadn't expected the book to be this way, actually I had no expectations. I have to admit I was slightly overwhelmed by the subject matter but when you finally delve into what the book is really about, you will begin to see the book for what it really is. I'm still not quite sure about some of what happened in the book but I still managed to appreciate and enjoy all that I read.

About more than halfway through the book there were some religious undertones that became more obvious at the end (at least for me) but it was easy to understand and didn't hinder my reading. The world building is well done and the characters themselves are easily to love. I liked something about every single character and I think readers will find them very likable and relatable. 

During the last half of the book the story takes on a more supernatural feel but I think it helps add to the story instead of taking away from it. I'm also pleased with the writing and writing style even though at times I felt lost.My final thoughts on the novel are that its a great read for a thinker and a believer. You will walk away feeling differently in a good way. You'll have met an eccentric loveable cast of characters with intriguing names and even more incredible stories.

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