Thursday, November 21, 2013

Remember Big: A Novel By Kelly Wittmann Book Review

Remember Big: A Novel by Kelly Wittmann
Kindle Edition 296 pages
Genre: Realistic Fiction, Adult, Contemporary, Romance 
*Favorite of 2013*

Thirty-three-year-old Charlie Matthias was born on the same day as Phil Mickelson, but his career in professional golf sure didn't turn out the same way. Throw in some substance abuse and divorce issues, and he's a wreck who's pretty much given up on ever having a happy life.

A chance meeting with an old friend from high school, Erica Denner, lights a spark of hope in his heart, but he claims their very different family backgrounds and personalities are stumbling blocks. Only when he admits to the real stumbling blocks—his own pain and bitterness—will there be a chance for Charlie and Erica to find a lasting love together.

Combining serious romance with spot-on satire of a sport-obsessed family, REMEMBER BIG will appeal to fans of THE SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK.

                            *copy provided by author in exchange for a honest review*

I really liked this book. It was nothing like I anticipated. Remember Big tells the story of former pro golfer Charlie Matthias, he's a former drug user, divorcee, apart of a  dysfunctional self righteous family, and down right going nowhere. He's given up golf and has no plans on returning. He also no so secretly wishes his ex-wife would want him back. The story follows Charlie in this crazy time of his life. His father is a step away from being considered a dictator and his mom is just as pushy. His grandmother is his solace and his twin sisters are anorexic and oh, his brother in law hates his guts! 

Everything that could go wrong and right, did. Its so entertaining. You laugh, you cringe, and you might possibly cry. I really enjoy realistic fiction and this book is nothing but realistic. Its a quick light read great for some down time.  I think readers will connect with the characters in ways you couldn't imagine. It's filled with a colorful cast of characters and a colorful backdrop. There is something for everyone in this book although I recommend it to an 18 and over audience. It has romance, heartbreak, humor and crazy. It would be better appreciated in this age range. There are some sexual references but nothing out right raunchy its done very tastefully. I recommend it.

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