Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Attrition: the First Act of Penance by S.G. Night Book Review!

Attrition: the First Act of Penance by S.G. Night 
Publisher: Create Space
Published Date: August 29th, 2013
Paperback: 586 pages
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Epic Fantasy

*Favorite of 2013*

The Demonic Dominion has held the nation of Io captive for more than a century. The Humans are in shackles. The Elves are in exile. And the race of Majiski battle-mages have been all but eradicated by the Demons and their ilk.

Racath Thanjel is among the few remaining Majiski surviving in secret. A strong but opinionated young assassin, he works from the shadows against the Demonic Dominion. But how can he and the others hope to defeat such a terrible adversary? Especially when their patriarch is keeping more secrets than the Demons themselves.

Now, as a tangle of conspiracies, secrets, and ancient prophecies sweeps Racath away, he must choose his destiny: will he become the long-awaited Savior of Io, or allow it to suffocate beneath the Dominion's iron fist?
ATTRITION: THE FIRST ACT OF PENANCE is the Epic Fantasy debut of the young SG Night, published at just 18 years old. Experience this fresh, breathtaking tale of tyranny, rebellion, conspiracy, and the fight for survival, and get swept up into the first of many tales from the world of Talkrilia.

Review: 5 out of 5 stars
*copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*
Attrition is a multi layered colorfully striking kick a** tale featuring supernatural characters with a tale for the ages. Its not a story for the weak hearted. Its layers and characters grab you and keep you from page one. I found myself immersed in a story my mind was unprepared for. When I pick up books like these I'm often apprehensive because I always think I won't like them because I'm typically impartial to the genre but this book is so bad a**. Its detailed in a way that can only be obtained by time. Its obvious that this was work of deep thought and a vivid imagination. 

Every chapter added a new layer to an already complex but intriguing story. I  really appreciated that detail. The descriptions and the character building is of a high standard. Every aspect is explained and built on in a timely manner. You will find no parts of this book lacking definition. I have to admit I've read some pretty crappy self published novels but this is not one of them. Just short of 600 pages this book has a lot to give and it does not disappoint.

Such vivid imagery and flowery writing, there is a movie inside of this book. I can already imagine it on the big screen. It is written with such creativity and care. It is sure to arouse an imagination in even the most unimaginative of people. It's just wow. A realistic tale of intrigue, mystery, murder, and bravery. Readers are sure to stay up late hours trying in vain to finish this novel. It captivated me in just a few short chapters and I don't doubt it will do the same for other readers. I highly recommend this one and it has earned itself a place among some of my most coveted favorites.

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