Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day one of The Blogger Spotlight Tour! (I'm squealing!)

Today kicks off the first day of the First Annual Blogger Spotlight Tour. I would love to say this was totally my own idea and that I am a blogging genius but I can't. Justine of The Closet Library came to me with this idea,(she's the blogging genius) and I thought it was the most fantastic idea ever. So we came together and created this tour for you, for bloggers. Justine has been handling all of the schematics of the tour and I am so grateful we got to work together on this. She is an amazing girl and an even better blogger ;) It's always great when you can find people that you can not only be friendly with but be creative with. She's that girl. I couldn't have worked on this with a better person. So while your browsing the tour, which runs from today to the 14th, make sure you hop on over to The Closet Library, say hi, comment and follow! Tell her Jazmen sent ya'!

BTW, Thanks for working with me Justine you rock!

For those of you who don't know The Blogger Spotlight Tour has been created to showcase bloggers in the same way you would showcase books on a book tour. It is pretty difficult to stand out in the crowd for bloggers with their being so many of them out there. SO, throughout the tour different bloggers will showcase other bloggers on different dates as a way of promoting them. Not only that bloggers got to many other bloggers and so forth. Cool right? Make sure you check the schedule to keep up with the tour! :)

Check back everyday to visit more incredible blogs!

September 8th 

September 9th 

September 10th

September 11th

September 12th 

September 13th

September 14th 


  1. Thank you for helping me make this tour possible!

  2. Oh, such a neat idea! :) I quite agree --> blogging genius! ;)