Monday, September 16, 2013

Blogger Spotlight, Kat of KittyKat2002 Blog

As you all know I usually post blogger spotlight's on Sunday but I'm doing an additional one this week because this one's pretty short, and it's also a Tumblr blog. Kat is just starting out so check her out HERE and give her a holler. Tell her ThisGirlReadsAlot sent ya!

When did you start blogging and why? Tell me briefly about your blog and what you do on it.

I started to blog last year because i wanted to make someone laugh (that is my main blog) and then i started a blog for author interviews (i started that about a week ago) but i mostly use the one for laughing

If you could trade places with any fictional character, who would it be and why?

If i could switch places with any fictional character would be Belle from Beauty and the Beast because she is so kind, nice and pretty.

 What book have you re-read the most, and why?

I have reread Kira Kira because it has a very nice touch to everything, everything has something to do with another. it is very heartwarming to read.

Favorite time and place to read.

I love to read when the sun is hitting my face and that is at the beach. The best time is at 1:30

What book are you anticipating the release of the most and why?

I can't wait until Frozen comes out it has the completion of Divergent (that's what i heard)

Name three of the craziest songs you have on your ipod/musical device that most people wouldn't expect you to have.
Disco Duck
 The only exception
 Who Let the Dogs out

Thanks Kat!

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