Friday, August 2, 2013

Torn True Love by K.D. Ferguson Book Review

Torn true love is a sort of dystopian utopia mix. Torn true love tells the story of Krissa, a teenaged girl living in ‘The Headquarters’. The Headquarters is her country’s form of government enforced living quarters. They took over when disease, natural disasters, and pollutions devastated her country. Headquarters took over and made things better, on the surface anyway. Krissa lived in the textile section of the Headquarters. They are responsible for providing clothing and such to other sections. Life seems pretty cut and dry for Krissa. She’s getting ready to graduate high school and move into the headquarters, get a well paid job, and possible be paired up. You see the enforcers decide where you go, but you get some choice. You get to decide whom you’re paired up with according to your list of matches. And you get to decide where you want to live but your behavior decides if you get it. As long, as you don’t resist the government, and agree to be paired. The unpaired, and the resisters become sweepers. Sweepers are the lowest members of society and you don’t want that. You do right and you get the life you desire. It’s a simple as that, sort of. 

While the premise of the story was good, it just didn’t pan out the way I expected. The main characters did live in a dystopian society and although it was present it wasn’t as restrictive as some of the dystopian novels I’m familiar with. I think my expectations were a little high and misguided. This turned out to be the story of an abusive relationship of sorts. The relationship that two of the main characters shared was unhealthy and on one side abusive, verbally at least. 

It kind of drove me bonkers, with the whole back and forth thing they had going on. Krissa’s character was weak. She allowed a relationship to go on that was no good for her, just to save face. It irritated me. I disliked her boyfriend’s character Braiden even more. He flip-flopped so much I felt dizzy. I literally couldn’t keep track of his emotions. I was just as confused as Krissa was. It truly was a torn true love. More so torn, than love.

Krissa was like a deer caught in headlights. She could see the car coming but she was stuck, and got hit before she even had a chance to move. The whole thing just made me annoyed. By the end of the book I was ready to punch a whole in the wall. Not to mention the incessant drinking, they’re teenagers and they get drunk way more than most adults. That was a little strange.

Aside from my gripes with the characters, the story was good. The author did a good job of creating characters well suited for the world she created. It was interesting take on dystopian life. I really hope in the next book there is a little less of the back and forth, and a little more strength from Krissa. That would take my rating from 3 stars to four stars.


  1. Hmm, I don't think this sounds like one I would enjoy with how their relationship sounds. The dystopian world sounds interesting though!

  2. Yeah, the relationship part really made the story hard to enjoy. It's such a shame though because it could've been so good.