Friday, August 16, 2013

First Annual Blogger Spotlight Tour, Hosted by The Closet Library, and This Girl Reads A lot!

 Yes guys, we've gone and done it. We have created the first ever blogger spotlight tour!

The Closet Library and myself have teamed up to bring you guys a tour that centers around you (bloggers). We both know how hard it is to get noticed and gain followers. So outside of the Blogger Spotlight Sundays we have created this tour to make it a blog wide thing!

The tour will feature book bloggers from all over the blogosphere to share, follow, and meet bloggers you wouldn't otherwise see. The tour will run for one full week and we're accepting sign ups now!

The blogger spotlight tour will work like this, you will feature a blogger, and a blogger will feature you on the specified date you are chosen to do, and in return we hope you will gain page views, follows, and friends!

SIGN UP HERE. (I'm so excited for this, Spread the word!)

BTW, Once the sign ups are closed we will send out all necessary information, including dates assigned and etc.