Sunday, August 11, 2013

Blogger Spotlight Sundays Breakdown

So because I've been getting some positive feedback on my blogger spotlight I figured I would do a post about what Blogger Spotlight Sunday is and how it will work just to answer any questions.

So, every sunday I will do a post putting the spotlight on a blogger and their blog. It will of course be a book blogger. I will conduct a small interview and the featured blogger will do the same for me it's an even exchange. If you do decide to take part in this all I ask is to be given credit for the idea like "Blogger Spotlight Sundays hosted by ThisGirlReadsAlot" I do want to help but hey I want page views and follows too :) Make sure you swap interviews so you can get page views and follows as well.

The blogger spotlight will also feature a blogger's latest review and giveaway if it any. The point of this is to give bloggers spotlight to gain page views and follows. It only works if people participate and actually follow the bloggers, comment, read posts and even just say hi. If you're a blogger you know how hard it is to get noticed and that's why I'm trying to help.

If you are interested in being interviewed email ME. If you want to go ahead and be apart of it on your own like I said I only ask that you  link me in the post as it's originator. I think it's only fair :)

I'm excited to see where this goes, and I'm even more excited to get to know and interview some of you.


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