Sunday, August 18, 2013

{Tour Stop} Aqua Blue by Marian L. Thomas Book Review

Aqua Blue by Marian L. Thomas Book Review

Goodreads Blurb:

The "30" Second Synopsis: A friendship that begins to unravel.
A young man fleeing the tragic loss of his mother. A romance that
crosses the boundary of hatred and proves that love is stronger than the color of skin. Find it all in, AQUA BLUE. The Back Cover: In
1968 a child is born. Her father's eyes boast a beautiful green and her mother was born with hazel. Yet, Aqua Blue was brought into the world with neither. Haley wishes her parents would forget her. Her mother wants to control her, her father constantly beats on her and Haley, however, just wants to dance on Broadway. Johnathan Jacob Benjamin Brown is running from the memory of a mother he loved. His journey will thrust him into a world filled with secrets so shocking, he must determine whether he will forgive or walk away. As they each step foot into the intoxicating city of New York, their dreams are standing before them with open arms. Yet, in order to embrace the possibilities, they must first learn to live, love, and breathe.


*copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

Aqua Blue is a beautifully written, captivating story about live, love, and it's changes. Three character's lives weave together to tell a story about growing up and getting older. Simone also known as Aqua Blue, and her best friend Haley are country girls to the core, with big city dreams. Their home lives are far from perfect and they dream of getting away from the country to pursue their dreams. At just 18 years old, they take all the money they have, leave their troubles behind, and board a bus for New York City. Right behind them is Johnathan. Johnathan struggles watching his mother constantly being beaten and controlled by his overbearing father. He's had enough but, he tries not to interfere. Until one day while outside, his mother hands him five thousand dollars, and tells him to disappear. To never look back. He doesn't want to but, he would never disobey his mother. So he slips his backpack on, takes the five thousand dollars begrudgingly and boards the bus to New York City.

I have a special place in my heart for these kinds of stories. The kind that unknowingly grab your heart, and keep hold long after you've finished reading. It's the kind of story that takes you into their world, one in which you're so absorbed you believe you've lived their lives. I loved how easy it was to read this book. The words flowed from one page to the next. I also loved the setting and time frame the author chose, along with the associated language of that time. It made the story that much better. The characters were the best part of the story. They each had their own voices, and lives but they managed to stay meshed together. Additionally, I liked the way the author told the story in each of the character's perspective while maintaining the plot without confusion.

The story was effortless, flawless even. I had tears in my eyes by the end. I see myself reading this book again and again. I highly recommend it!