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The Promise by C.E. Wilson Book Review

The Promise by C.E. Wilson Book Review


3 out of 5 stars

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Goodreads Blurb:
What does it mean to be a human?

"Lily Larkin is about to find out when on what should have been a day of great happiness, she is diagnosed with a rare and unbelievable disease. She is shrinking, possibly without limit.

As her life starts to spin out of control and the world starts to grow around her at an uncontrollable rate she is forced to confront her greatest fear - losing the man whom she loved from the moment she saw him. Can they stay together even though she feels her humanity slipping away? Can she trust him with her secret and, as her disease progresses, her safety and even her life? Can she trust herself?

A bittersweet story of love and loss, The Promise is a YA
Paranormal Fantasy that will have you questioning the meaning of your own humanity and the weighing of trust against love.

What will Lily choose?

What would you choose?"

*Copy provided by author for an honest review*

Imagine standing at six feet tall one minute, then four feet the next, and then smaller, and even smaller still. Imagine slowly shrinking with no warning or explanation. That's exactly what happened to the main character Lily. Newly married Lily is diagnosed with a rare disease that causes her to shrink, and shrink with no explanation or any inclination as to why. Everyday she gets smaller and smaller and her husband is helpless to stop it. They visit a doctor, and they hope but nothing stops it. Lily is slowly losing her humanity and maybe even her husband.

Likes: The fact that the main character has dreadlocks and tattoos, although it seems menial, excited me. All main characters in the YA genre pretty much fit the same mold so it was nice to see something different. I also loved the fact that Lily had such a soft name but a tough outward appearance. Additionally I really liked the presence of a biracial couple in a YA novel. It presented a realistic relationship. It helped to set it apart from other novels. Also the chapter names were very clever. ;)

What I thought about the characters: Lily, *pauses* she is a such a tough cookie. To endure all that she's enduring and not fully breakdown says a lot about her character. She might be literally shrinking away but, she remains resilient. She cries but she remains and that's admirable.

Erik, *Book boyfriend alert* I mean how perfect is he? He's supportive, loving, and has a great sense of humor. His character provided a welcoming distraction from an otherwise saddening situation. I was in love with his character instantly.

Dislikes: This is not necessarily a dislike but a want. I really would've liked if the character on the cover had dreads. It would've been amazing. If they are dreads I wish they would've been more pronounced.

Overall opinion: Overall it was a good book. It had a great plot I just would've liked a little more in some parts. It would've been better if some of the things that happened without giving away spoilers could've been expanded on. All in all it's a unique story with a quirky lovable cast of characters. It will shock you, sadden you and even make you laugh. It's unlike anything you've ever read.

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