Friday, June 14, 2013

The Watcher by Lisa Voisin Book Review

The Watcher by Lisa Voison Book Review


 3 out of 5 stars

A tale of angels and demons and the ominous fall from heaven.

 'Mia' is an ordinary teenager that is aside from the fact that she sees visions of places she's never been and things she's never seen but, they all feel apart of her life, a past life maybe. She struggles with keeping them a secret all the while wondering what they mean and why she's having them.

She goes for a walk in the woods and stumbles upon a body, where she finds she's not alone. Dogs with "gleaming red eyes" try to attack her before she's saved by a mysterious figure. She's haunted by the memory of the dogs and the figure until she sees who she knows is the figure in the mall and it sets off a spiral of events.

 Michael, gorgeous and angelic. He has to be the one who saved her. It was him and she knows it but he remains aloof and in denial. He goes out of his way to avoid Mia but, conveniently appears in places she happens to be. She begins hearing things and seeing things, otherworldly things more so now that he's around. She thinks so at least.

They spook her and keep her up at night. Michael steps in at just the right time but, despite her growing interest in him, he continues to keep her at bay. 

Then we meet 'Damiel', leather wearing, hardened, sexy, total bad boy. All the girls want him but he wants Mia. 

She is completely enthralled by him and painfully so because she finds herself both going towards and resisting his advances. It's like he can control her but, she's dealing with Michael's constant rejection and he wants her, like she wants Michael.

Turns out he's a demon. He and Michael have an old rivalry that goes back as far as a millennia when Mia and Michael first met. Before Mia can go out with him, Michael stops her and both he and Damiel get in a battle to the death which results in Michael sending him back to his demonic world but, he's not going anywhere, permanently.

All the feelings of deja vu Mia are having are warranted because it turns out Michael and Mia were involved, and unnaturally so. Michael is an angel, and he wasn't supposed to have any involvements with a human girl but, Mia caused strong feelings of Lust he couldn't resist. Giving up his redemption he has chosen to fall for her, banishing himself from Heaven. Now he's trying to get back into the good graces of Heaven and trying to stay away from Mia but, it isn't an easy task by any means. She stirs up strong feelings in him that he's having a hard time shaking.

They both grapple with emotions they can't control whilst battling with evil forces who are determined to destroy them both.

This book was painfully familiar. It was reminiscent of Fallen by Lauren Kate. While that was a great book and series. The thing that set this apart was how beautifully this book was written. It was compelling, and articulate.  It was easy to get lost in the story line and captivated by the characters. I must say I liked it more than I imagined I would.

Highly recommended for people who enjoy angel/demon based books. For fans of Fallen, Hush Hush, and Halo.

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