Monday, June 17, 2013

Nobody by Jennifer Lynn Barnes Book Review

Nobody by Jennifer Lynn Barnes Book Review


3 out of 5 stars

"I'm nobody and you're everything." 
"There was nothing before this moment and nothing after."
"You tamed me Claire. I love you just so you know."

Claire has always been invisible…to everyone her parents, the people at school, the boy who works at the pool, everyone.

Everyday she tries doing something different hoping to get noticed, to be someone somebody will remember, hoping someone will care but, nothing. 

She's no one, that is until she finds herself on the other end of a pointed gun but it isn't the gun that unravels her, that frightens her. It's the boy behind it, the boy with the bottomless icy blue eyes. He wants her dead and she has no idea why. 

Nix is a nobody. He blends in…literally. He can fade and walk through doors, walls practically anything solid. Nobodies kill 'Nulls'. Nulls are evil. They can manipulate and control people with their feelings and emotions. They're designed for it. Nobody notices them so they kill and go unnoticed. Nix has been killing for as long as he can remember. He's The Society's secret weapon. They give him an assignment to kill someone and it's as good as done until he's given Claire's file. It should be a simple kill but before he can shoot her gun in hand she notices him. No one ever notices him. This proves to be too much for Nix and before he can kill her he flees.

She's gotten to him simply by noticing him. Looking at him…no one ever does that but he's determined to kill this 'null.' He tries again to kill her but he cant. He should be able to but he can't. The Society deemed her a Null so she must be evil, so why can't he kill her. He begins to question everything he's ever believed.

What started out as a brilliantly written, heart pumping, and thrilling read quickly lost it's luster as the book went on.

The first half of the book is intense and beautiful. It draws you in, holding tight. Then it all goes down hill. It is not for lack of trying. The words are still beautiful but the plot gets lost in the details. If this were a romance novel it would be perfect, absolutely but because it isn't it just dragged.

This book could've been so much more but it just wasn't. The end was tortured and difficult to finish. It left me feeling worn out and very disappointed.

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