Friday, June 28, 2013

Forget Me Not by Jade Goodmore Book Review

Forget Me not by Jade Goodmore Book Review


4 out of 5 stars


"Fairview High's Graduating Class of 2002 Invites

Ms. Michaela Cole
To Our 10 Year Reunion
June 8th 2012 at 7:00pm
The Worcester Hotel and Bar."

It's been 10 years. Ten years since Michael's seen Jesse, her high school love. A decade separates them, but the love is just as deep. The pain of his leaving still pains her. It's now time for their high school reunion, will she see him? Will he even be there? Will she be able to handle it? Will he still feel for her? She has a son now, could it work? Will they give love a second chance. 

The questions consume her, and she's determined to not attend her reunion, but her best friend Emma is not taking no for an answer. She insists that she can do this. She can handle seeing Jesse, if he even shows. 

Michaela agrees, and after a short time of drinking and socializing there he is, in all his magnificent glory. She's breathless, and feeling like a teenager again. She notices him, but he also notices her. They reminisce, and enjoy each other's company, albeit Michaela's apprehensive about it but totally caught up. They spend the night together, one glorious steamy night. This night brings back feelings, and emotions Michael's not sure she can handle but, Jesse who now goes by Lee, ensures her that he feels the same and they can make it work, and so their rekindled relationship begins. The unanswered questions torment Emma. Why did he leave, where did he go? Can they really handle a long distance relationship? What about her son? Who is he now? Is this love, the love she's been painfully holding onto for the last ten years worth it? Will it be an equally requited love. 

All these unanswered questions, age, and life, weave together to tell a story of love, and second chances. Michael "Mickey" Cole and Jesse "Lee" Jenner have the relationship like in the movies. They fuss, and fight but they love passionately, and it's a beautifully story. The story is told very realistically, making it an easy story to get into. Their love is intense, and their love making even more so. Tastefully done scenes of intimacy are nicely placed. They don't take away but add to the story. They aren't tacky or overwhelming. Their fights are realistic and heart wrenching. I found myself screaming at the pages, willing, and urging that they stop their unnecessary fighting, and let love live.

The characters are nicely meshed, and the son Benjamin "Benji", is adorable and so loving making for a perfect family. I enjoyed the exchanges between the characters, the love on the pages is evident. A very good book, especially for a first time author. It's a wonderful story of love, life, and family. I believe it will be enjoyed by lovers of all genres. 


  1. Ooh I've been wanting to read this for ages! This review has just inspired me to go and buy it! x