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Erthyn Volume 1 Uncertain Journey by Terrance J. Pinckney Book Review

Erthyn Volume 1 Uncertain Journey by Terrance J. Pinckney Book Review

*This book was provided for Review Purposes*

★ ★ 
3 out of 5 stars 

In the midst of a cold winter night, as he sat alone in an alley desperately trying to conserve body heat, Malcolm Watters was uncertain. He had arrived only a short time ago, intent on fulfilling the mission given to him by the high council; but due to unanticipated circumstances, he had become ambivalent. It was a good thing that he had discovered clothing when he did, because if he had not, the bitter cold would have destroyed his newly developed body.

Though his outer being was made of flesh, his inner being—or Sige as they call it in the Collective Consciousness of the Ushara—was not of this world. He had been sent here from the opposite side of the universe as an ambassador, with the hope of forging an alliance with the beings of Earth. He could not have anticipated what would happen once he arrived. 

I was very apprehensive about reading this book once I found out what genre it was. I am not a science fiction fan. I have read some books that fall under this category that I have enjoyed but, I definitely approached this one with caution.

I was somewhat surprised. I actually kind of liked it. I gave it three stars but it took me quite some time while reading this book to actually start liking it. The introduction was rather awkward like stumbling in on a couple while they're engaged in a heated intimate moment. You know that you've seen too much and you stumble awkwardly out the room with this image burned into your mind. It was kind of like that, hard to process. I couldn't fully grasp the information that I was being given because the information was heavy, complex,  and hard to swallow.

The background information while necessary was redundant and wordy and well downright confusing at times.

It read like a textbook more than a novel during a large part of the book. In the beginning your introduced to "her" but you don't know who she is, so that was distracting because it then became a main focus for me. I wanted to know who she was, and was breezing through the story trying to figure it out.  (You do find out who she is, at least who I assume she is just FYI.)

When I get halfway through the book thats when it started picking up for me, if it didn't I was surely not going to be able to finish. I would've had to apologize to the offer and send it back. It carried on a bit dryly for me in the beginning. It was all facts, facts, facts. I was more than happy to see some action. I was not only pleased, it was necessary. I was getting ready to pull out the defibrillator and revive the story because it was dying.

Aside from that it actually took a dramatic turn for the better when we actually got to see some heartache, (I know what kind of monster am I? Look we all love a little drama admit it), and a villain. I was desperate for a villain.  Part two provided  an interesting and welcome departure from what was proving to be a pretty mediocre book. This was what gained it an extra star.

With that being said I am still not putting this on my favorites list but I do kind of like it but, I must say this would've played out much better had it been a comic book, or a movie. A movie preferably because the visuals would be amazing and I feel the effect with be more dramatic and...better.

I would recommend this book to any one who is a Sci-fan with a penchant for information and a good attention span.

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