Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Loves Notes & Pulling Doubles (The Wright Brothers, #2) by Christina C. Jones Dual Book Reviews--#BlackLove

Love that says something, instead of just looking like it. 

Love you can always trust to feel like home. 

For both of them, it’s something that has always been just outside of their peripheral, something to be observed rather than experienced. A depth of feeling reserved for people who were “into” that, those with a different outlook, those more… deserving. 

Until their paths cross. 

Lines are crossed. 

And maybe the stars are crossed too, because the connection and chemistry are so off the charts that they can’t stay away from each other, can’t avoid it... even if they think they should.

Four Out of Five Stars

Christina C. Jones' books bridge the gap between African American romance readers and the traditionally published romance novel.

It goes without saying, (I'm going to say it, though) romance is not a genre that black readers (this applies to POC in general, as well) can run to, to find many characters that look or feel like them.

Christina C. Jones fulfills that need. Her characters are utterly black--and they do so without apology and gratefully without stereotype. Thank heavens, for small mercies.

In Love Notes, you meet Jules and Troy--two people broken, and embittered by their tumultuous pasts, on a journey to finding love, unintentionally. 

Jules character is the flip side to the playboy. She knows what she wants, and if it's casual sex? She'll have it, to hell with double standards. But, what lies beneath the playgirl-esque persona, is a woman afraid of any one getting too close.

Troy is a reformed barbershop manager, with no intentions on one night stands, or booty call hook ups. The next time he sleeps with someone, it will be with someone he's serious about. 

That is until, Jules saunters into the local bar with her too cool hairstyle, dimples and slay--throwing him and his life totally off course.

I loved Jules and Troy. Between their come up and the blooming love between them, I was completely enthralled by the budding romance, and the happily ever after that followed later. 

I always enjoy the types of romance that include characters that start off totally ignoring, and refusing to acknowledge the chemistry between them. I enjoy more so, when they finally get together.

In a laid back, slow-burn way, Jones weaved a tale of romance between two people who desperately wanted love, but felt they didn't deserve it.

I loved the photography aspect of it, I've always been fascinated with photography--the lighting, the different lenses, the whole nine. I even more so enjoyed the idea of Love Notes being a real thing, I think the overall idea of love in photography is really dope. 

I appreciated the banter, and all of the interactions between the two main characters, and all of the supporting characters as well. 

Readers will be pleased with the pacing, the down-to-earth characters, and the romance of course. 

Definitely solidifies itself as a stand out romance in a lacking genre.

All Devyn wants – besides a tall, fine husband and eventually a few babies to fulfill her “about to turn thirty, running out of time, cute black family” dreams – is to finish her yearlong internship at University Hospital. She’s excited about the experience, eager to learn, glad to help wherever she can… it should be easy, right? 

Well, it would be… if it weren’t for arrogant, know-it-all, always-got-something-to-say Dr. Joseph Wright. Devyn can’t stand him, and if his attitude is any indication, the feeling is mutual… or is it? 

Joseph doesn’t “do” doctors. Or nurses. Or patients. Or anybody else who has anything to do with the hospital, for that matter. University Hospital has infiltrated enough of his life, and the last thing he needs is a blurring of the lines between professional and private. 

… until smart, sexy, sassy Nurse Devyn Echols comes along, and stomps all over those lines. 

When you’re pulling doubles with the person you hate to want so bad… something is bound to ignite.

Three out of Five Stars

Pulling Doubles, was Grey's Anatomy, if it focused solely on gynecology--and if all the characters were black. Not as multilayered, and melodramatic, but a hospital drama nonetheless. 

Far quicker to read than my previous Christina C. Jones novels; she wastes no time getting down to it. 

Devyn, is a nurse practitioner, at an internship to complete her certification--working in conjunction with the unfathomable, Dr. Wright. 

They hate each other, but the underlying chemistry, between them is delicious. The sexual tension between the two practically jumps off the pages.

While this story moved a little quicker, and ended a bit more abruptly than my liking, it still was an enjoyable read.

Overall, Jones does a stellar job of presenting black romance that is neither stereotypical or lackluster in any way. 

She's solidified herself as the queen of black romance for me, and I can't wait to read more!


  1. These sound like so much fun! I hadn't heard of this author, but I love that she caters to black romance readers here. Both romances sound fabulous to me!
    Great reviews!

  2. I love the authenticity of the first book and the Grey's Anatomy tone of the second. I need to check these out. :)

  3. I love how you described the first boo, we definitely need more like it!!

  4. Pulling Doubles sounds great, I don't really read romance. But I know black romance will do me good.
    Tori @ In Tori Lex

  5. Oh wow, Love Notes sounds absolutely beautiful. It's so important to represent POC characters in romance novels--I mean, we're getting them more and more in regular coming-of-age books, but not enough in romances. The actual romance between the two characters sounds super cute, too! Lovely review!

    - Aimee @ Aimee, Always

  6. These sound so good but honestly you had me at Grey's Anatomy!!! So glad these weren't stereotypical characters. Great reviews!

  7. Oh both of these sound so good. Not liking the abrupt ending of the last one, but still has me wanting it. Brilly reviews!