Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Good and Gone by Megan Frazer Blakemore Book Review

When Lexi Green’s older brother, Charlie, starts plotting a road trip to find Adrian Wildes, a famous musician who’s been reported missing, she’s beyond confused. Her brother hasn’t said a nice word to her or left the couch since his girlfriend dumped him months ago—but he’ll hop in a car to find some hipster? Concerned at how quickly he seems to be rebounding, Lexi decides to go along for the ride.

Besides, Lexi could use the distraction. The anger and bewilderment coursing through her after getting dumped by her pretentious boyfriend, Seth, has left her on edge. As Lexi, Charlie, and their neighbor Zack hit the road, Lexi recalls bits and pieces of her short-lived romance and sees, for the first time, what it truly was: a one-sided, cold-hearted manipulation game. Not only did Seth completely isolate her, but he took something from her that she didn’t give him permission to.

The farther from home they get, the three uncover much more than empty clues about a reclusive rocker’s whereabouts. Instead, what starts off as a car ride turns into an exploration of self as each of them faces questions they have been avoiding for too long. Like the real reason Charlie has been so withdrawn lately. What Seth stole from Lexi in the pool house. And if shattered girls can ever put themselves back together.


Road tripping with a purpose, Good and Bad is a journey, the reader won't soon forget.

Lexi's brother, Charlie, is in a slump. One day he was away at school, the next, he's a permanent fixture in the house, on the couch, and in every crevice of the house--dripping depression on every crevice of the house.

But, Lexi is dealing with her own stuff--and she has no time to coddle her older brother--who she believes is only heartbroken over a recent breakup. She was terrible, he should be relieved, so why isn't he? Why hasn't he shaken this yet?

Then out of the blue, her brother decides to go find, now-missing pop star, Adrian Wildes. So, Charlie, Zack, and confused Lexi going on a road trip to find him.

Every part of the road trip is an awakening, a moment to reflect over moments of Lexi's life with Seth, her now ex. All of the would've, should've, could've's come to plague Lexi on this journey.

Brilliantly woven in the story, is the juxtaposition of then, and now. Who Lexi is now, and what happened then--all comes to a shattering, and heartbreaking conclusion by the end. But ultimately, it leads to healing , self-discovery, acceptance, and forgiveness.

What's really enjoyable about the book--although it's pretty much a sad story--is Lexi's ability to humorous--despite it all. It's a little sliver of light in an otherwise dark room.

Overall, the characters are pretty solid, all seemingly written with purpose. Each of their stories stand up, without the support of the other--but when together make total sense.

The parents in this book are quietly present, and I appreciated that despite the fact that they weren't core characters--they were still there--both of them, caring in the background.

It's a solid-read, with a meaningful story--great for teens and adults alike.


  1. Sounds like this was a fun story and one that had some meaning behind it too. Who doesn't love a road trip with purpose right? :P

  2. I am always in for a good road trip book!! This one is new to me so thanks for sharing. Great review!!

  3. I love road trip stories; I especially love it when there's a hidden depth to every facet of the journey. Adding this to my TBR!

  4. I love road trip books, and am happy to hear we have good YA parents in this book. Fun + depth = my kind of read.

  5. I like the fact that even though this seems to tackle serious topics, there's still humor infused into it. I'll have to check this one out. Great review!

  6. It's been a WHILE since I read a road trip book!! I added this book at the beginning of the year to my list and now that it's out, Im definitely going to try to squeeze it in. A lot of road trip books lack substance, but this one sounds like it has plenty :) Great review!!

  7. I like the sound of Lexi and this might make my wishlist. You have me curious! Brilly review!