Tuesday, January 10, 2017

This is Our Story by Ashley Elston Book Review

Five went in. Four came out.

No one knows what happened that morning at River Point. Five boys went hunting. Four came back. The boys won’t say who fired the shot that killed their friend; the evidence shows it could have been any one of them.

Kate Marino’s senior year internship at the district attorney’s office isn’t exactly glamorous—more like an excuse to leave school early that looks good on college applications. Then the DA hands her boss, Mr. Stone, the biggest case her small town of Belle Terre has ever seen. The River Point Boys are all anyone can talk about. Despite their damning toxicology reports the morning of the accident, the DA wants the boys’ case swept under the rug. He owes his political office to their powerful families.

Kate won’t let that happen. Digging up secrets without revealing her own is a dangerous line to walk; Kate has her own reasons for seeking justice for Grant. As investigates with Stone, the aging prosecutor relying on Kate to see and hear what he cannot, she realizes that nothing about the case—or the boys—is what it seems. Grant wasn’t who she thought he was, and neither is Stone’s prime suspect. As Kate gets dangerously close to the truth, it becomes clear that the early morning accident might not have been an accident at all—and if Kate doesn’t uncover the true killer, more than one life could be on the line…including her own.

A heart-pounding mystery that keeps you on the edge of your seat, until you fall right off, flat on your face with disappointment. This book did so well until it got to the end. Let's talk about the story a bit first...

Five boys went into the woods, and only four came out. What happened here? "In my tootsie pop voice," the world will never know. Just kidding, you do find out, and again, I will get to that.

Kate works for the district attorney's office when her boss is handed it's biggest case ever. The River Point Boys Case. Someone killed Grant and Kate, finds herself seeking her own personal justice, and putting herself in danger. The DA just wants the case to go away, but Kate and Mr. Stone are determined to find out what really happened--no matter what.

What I liked: Secrecy. There are a lot of secrets in this novel, which was perfect for build up and anticipation. I was on the literal edge of my seat, reading this novel.

The characters:The characters are really solid, and I was actually interested in seeing what happened with and to them. I was invested in the story. And for me that matters. You have to care about what happens to the characters, or why even read the book?

The romance: It was subtle, believable and cute. If this were a contemporary, I'm sure the romance would have been stellar. There's all the makings for it.

What I disliked: Drumroll, please...the ending. I was sorely disappointed. All the heart-pounding, all the build-up, all the anticipation couldn't put this book back together again. If I had to describe the ending in one word, it would be, boring. The reasoning, the reveal, all..boring.

It made sense but I think that's what bothered me, it made too much sense. It was too easy for my liking. I prefer my mysteries to be hard to solve, and even harder to figure out. When it's all said and done I want to say, "I didn't see that coming. I never would have expected that."

Although I didn't have an inkling, or rather I had a hope that it wouldn't end the way it did--I still wasn't too happy with it. It was pretty flat to say the least.

Aside from that it was most definitely an enjoyable read. I can't take that away from it--but I could have done without that easy ending. Endings mean a lot to me, just as much as, if not more than the beginning.

Despite that, recommended for mystery readers, and romance readers alike.


  1. Oh, man. I've read quite a few reviews for this book that made me want to read it, but I'm sorry it's a disappointment. I hate when the ending is somewhat anticlimactic.

    1. Lackluster endings can ruin any book for me despite how good the book is. It will definitely reduce my rating. Maybe you'll love this one, anyway?!

  2. This is on my list but hate hearing the ending was bad, That can so ruin a book. Great review!

    1. I just wasn't impressed. I hope you love this one! Thanks!

  3. Awww I hate it when all the build-up gets ruined by an ending... I'm really curious about this one so I might just give it a try. Thanks for the review :)

  4. Oh no, I hate when the endings suck! That's a shame too because this one sounds so good. Sorry the ending was disappointing for you.

  5. I am SO with you on the ending!! I thought the twist that happens in the early part of the book was WAY more shocking and interesting than the final reveal. Plus, that girl got way too Nancy Drew towards the end. But like you, I still liked the book-- just wish the ending was more twisty!

  6. A mystery with an ending that falls flat? Boo hiss. This one sure seemed promising but with no pay-off at the end I just know I'd get all ragey. Plus, I gotta admit, that cover freaks me out for some reason.
    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

  7. I've wanted to read this one since reading the synopsis. I'm going in for the plot and the outcome, and not so much for the characters and the romance. But all the reviews I read mention being disappointed in the ending... so I think I'll be skipping this one altogether.