Friday, January 20, 2017

The Willing by Suzanne Young Book Review

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Program comes a thrilling new novel about the lust and lure of darkness.

Amelia Cardone has spent her entire life under the guardianship of the Building, a cult of believers who made a pact with her father—the Devil. In exchange for protecting Satan’s child, the Building’s leader was promised untold power after Amelia completes the ceremony on her twenty-third birthday. A ceremony that will permanently raise the Devil from the depths of Hell.

But the half-breed child of Satan has power of her own . . . and a secret that threatens to destroy them all. Betrothed since birth, Amelia defied the Building’s prophecy by marking another as her mate when she was a child. The boy—long-thought dead—has grown in captivity, and has now returned to kill the girl who cursed him. But, bearing her mark, Jonas Wells finds himself unable to harm her.

The passion that ignites between them will bring forth the wrath of everyone in Amelia’s life, including her soulless half-brother (the only person she’s ever truly trusted), and a demon who is determined to make Amelia his own. Amelia knows that to survive she’ll either have to kill Jonas, or go against the Building, her father’s pact, and everything she was brought up to believe.

In the end, her only way out might be to embrace the demon she was meant to become—and face the Devil’s consequences.

While the story was very intriguing (at least the idea of the story), by the time the action (and I use the term, action, lightly) picked up, I was quite bored with the connecting characters. The romance was set up nicely, but once the two characters came together--I felt that the build-up could've lasted a little longer, actually a lot longer. And to be honest, the two of them were a little (a lot) meh. They didn't incite any of the feelings I like to get when the couples finally get together.

As far as these two are concerned, it was far to soon in the story for the resistance to wane, and it wasn't very believable (see, not at all)--when it did. They were all he loves me, he loves me not, and I was ready to rip the proverbial flower into bits because I had enough.

The so called romance in the book is what made the book a failure in my opinion. The novel heavily depended on the fact that these two would form some sort of alliance, or not--so for it to go the way it did, it just didn't work. It was far-fetched, not believable, and the by the end on my nerves.

It just didn't connect, and that was an issue. To be honest the plot, as we will call it--didn't really have a point either because it quickly fizzled at the end, with no clear resolution in sight--aside from the meh, HEA, walk off into the sunset, never to be heard of again, ending we got--which to be honest did nothing to salvage anything. I'm just so disappointed and so over it.

If you are in the dark and religious, see Christians capture, cursed boy, and try to save him--while Satan tries to rein supreme. Bored.

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  1. Sorry this was so unbelievable. I usually love this author's work so it's disappointing to see this didn't work for you at all, I loved the sound of the premises too darn it.

  2. Oh this sounds all sorts of meh. Sorry it didn't work at all. Great review though!

  3. Darn. I usually end up like Devil plots but I don't think this one is for me either. I need at least a good ending and there isn't really one here either. Brilly review.

  4. Sorry this one was boring for you and you couldn't connect. That's really frustrating.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  5. Seeing that cover and the title I would have thought this would have been more intense than it seems it was from your review. That's disappointing, seems like there was potential for something unique.

  6. I've seen Suzanne Young's book be a sort of hit or miss for people. Eh... I think I'll stray away from this book. Nothing grates on my nerves more than when the two characters instantly fall in love and there is no connect--for the characters nor for me.

  7. Two bad books in a row is never a good thing :( I hope your next read can be a whole lot better! I dislike romances like this one...

  8. I'm sorry this didn't work out for you, Jazmen. I've been hoping to read Suzanne Young's books. I should definitely just go for her other books. I'm thinking The Program series.

    czai @ the Blacksheep Reader

  9. Sounds like a clunker all the way around. Sorry this was such a letdown, Jazmen.

  10. Sorry this one didn't work for you. What a shame since it sounds so good. I may have to borrow from the library or something sometime and at least give it a try. I still need to read The Program by her also.