Thursday, September 29, 2016

Moving is a B**** and Hey, I'm Still Alive!

Hey All,

As you know this blog has been looking like ghost town, with no ghosts. No reviews, no blog hopping, no comments nada. The good thing is, I'm still alive, but this blog is dying a sad, sorry death.

Why is it dying? I haven't been doing much reading ( I am currently attempting to rectify that.) If I owe you a review...
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I'm kidding. I am sorry. I am and I'm working on it. I'll be a regular reviewing machine soon.

Blame it on the move. Yes, I am moving. 
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Yup, the dreaded activity of getting to your happy place. I don't know about you all but I consider my home a happy place--or at least that's what I want it to be, in a perfect world.

But, moving is a sumuma b****. All this grab your life and put it in bags and boxes is for the birds. Seriously, got any extremely strong carrier pigeons?

But on a serious note moving for me is taking extra long, because I'm moving everything by hand. No moving trucks, just hands, rolling bags--and public transportation. No need to say it again, but it's taking forever. 

Hence my lack of time to read and such--not to mention I'm forced to adult and work everyday. Like who does that?

Oh, and I don't have a lick of internet at home because Optimum and my new building won't let me be great.

They really won't.

I hope to be blog hopping, and reviewing in no time. I really do. In the mean time. I'll take wifi passwords--and free uber rides lol...hey I need these things!

Missing you guys and this world.



  1. Aww we miss you too! I understand the pain of moving; I did it myself not too long ago. I hope you get settled into your new place and get back to the joys of reading soon!

    Sinead @ Less Reality More Books

  2. Yikes, that will be slow moving! So sorry it will take so long and boo on the no internet. Hopefully you can get that fixed soon as well. Good luck with everything!!

  3. Moving is definitely a b*tch. I remember moving my cabin and it was not easy! I hope you'll get through it just fine. <3

  4. Yuck, moving!! It really is the worst!! AND THEN after you do all that, you're like expected to unpack and put all your stuff away?? And figure out how to make it look nice in a place you didn't buy it for??? It's definitely no fun, I feel for you!!

  5. Would "this girl" be interested in reading and reviewing a true-life dog rescue story?

  6. ((HUGS)) I know moving can be a b~ and I hope you can find sometime to not adult. We all need that time. Take care of yourself and find time for some fun.

    1. Thanks, Melissa. It was tough, but I'm finally settling down.

  7. Miss you around the Blogosphere! Moving is a B and that really does sound slow going. :/ I wish you good luck with it and settling in once you're all moved. :)

  8. Miss you being around, too! But I totally understand - moving is actually the worst. I hope you get everything sorted out soon :)

  9. So that's where you've been... I've been missing your smart and sassy posts. :) Moving is sucky enough but moving like that? Ugh. Double suck. Hope it doesn't drag on too much longer... maybe there's an end in sight? With wifi??

  10. Glad to see you kind of back :) Moving is the worst so I totally get it. Good luck with it and getting back to normal!!

  11. Aww, hope you can get everything done quickly so you won't suffer anymore! We miss you but we will wait for you here until you are all set. The best of luck! ♥

  12. ON average I think I move like once a year, and it never gets harder. Good luck!