Thursday, June 2, 2016

Five Of My Favorite Quotes From My Favorite Reads Of The Year--So Far

“I have loved you every moment of every day, and I will love you until I cease to be. Bird, man, or king, I love you, and I will always love you.” 

I still heavy sigh, every time I think about this book, and how it made me feel.

“Did you have fun? How many boys did you make out with? 

Seventy. At least. 

How many shots did you take?

Fourteen. I let go of the wheel halfway home and Jesus drove me the rest of the way.” 
― Sara WolfLovely Vicious

I love good banter, and perfect timed, clever tension. This book had that and then some. Loved it!

“I scoffed. “Why would I fall in love with you? You’re just a hot, closet-nerd vampire with a bazillion dollars and a Harley. There’s absolutely nothing attractive about you.”
“I’m repulsive, I know.” 
― Temple WestVelvet

Hands down, one of my favorite YA books with vamps.

“Beatrix Adams," he said. "You know I trust you with everything. The anatomical representation of my heart, my life...even my car."
"You must really love me," I said, matching my steps with his. 
I knew he did, of course. We try not to say it casually too much, because we want it to mean something. Not just a throwaway phrase like "How's it going" or "See you later." But when I'm in his arms, when we're alone, he whispers "I love you," and those three words never stop amazing me. Never.” 

One of the better YA contemporary reads. It made me swoon, pretty much the entire time.

“How could I not see you? With all these huge muscles…” I sling a leg across his thighs and slide a hand under his jacket, over his stomach. “And this six pack…”
“It’s an eight-pack,” he mutters, eyes sliding shut.
“And this adorable messy hair...”
“Don’t ruin it with the wrong adjectives.”
“Fine, no more compliments. Just facts. I love you, Crosbie Lucas.”
“I love you too,” he replies.” 
― Julianna KeyesUndecided

This was hands down one of the best NA's I've read, ever. Completely out of the stereotypical box. A+


  1. I loved the Anatomical Shape of a Heart and your quote reminded me why and also that I need to post my review for it LOL!

  2. Wow, these are such amazing quotes! I loved reading Harmon's contemporaries and I was wary about her new book because it's fantasy, but it turns out that I have nothing to worry about! Great post :)

    Kim @ Divergent Gryffindor: BLOG || VLOG

  3. That quote from Love Me Never is awesome!! I'm so not good at picking out quotes (or writing down/highlighting the ones I do pick out), so I love reading the ones that other people find :)

  4. I've read the last three books on your list and totally agree! Loved them! I'll need to check out The Bird and the Sword :D

  5. Love all of these quotes!! Undecided was such a great NA read. I really need to get to Harmon's latest soon.

  6. &heart; this post. so fun! I loved Undecided (and that quote). Can't wait to read The Bird and the Sword!!

  7. I really liked the Amy Harmon quote although I have never read the book. I LOVE The Anatomical Shape of a Heart so I really appreciated that one too <3 I need to read Velvet at some point!

  8. I am feeling the feeeeeeels! Haven't read any of these but now I want to so bad. *adds them all to TBR* ♥

  9. A couple of books on my shopping list: The Bird and the Sword, and Undecided. Damn. I need to one-click those babies, stat!

  10. I've been meaning to read The Anatomical Shape of a Heart for a while!

  11. Thanks for sharing these!! I'm very interested in Undecided :D

  12. The Anatomical Shape of a Heart is one of my faves. I really need to read The Bird and the Sword soon. I love Amy Harmon!

  13. Great quotes! I love them all! I need to read all of these books!

  14. Love. These. Quotes! I'm still laughing at "Jesus drove me the rest of the way." And why have I still not read Undecided? That just became a Summer TBR goal.