Friday, October 16, 2015

Feature and Follow Friday--I am Magical--Picking a Superpower

Question of the Week: If you could have any super power, what would it be? - Suggested by

Jess Time to Read
If I could have any superpower, I would love to read minds. I'm a in my head kind of girl, and I'm always wondering what other people are thinking--so yeah, reading minds--I'd be at the front of the line for that superpower.


  1. I always wonder people are thinking, too. But then again, I'm fairly certain I wouldn't want to know! Double edge sword. Returned the follow on Bloglovin and also signed up for e-mail subscription. Have a great weekend! :D

    Kristine @ The Writer's Inkwell

  2. I would want Speed reading as a super power HAHA. So little time but so many books! But there are so many superpowers i want! Mind-reading, teleportation, time-travelling.... i could go on and on!!

    Yuki -

  3. Oooh reading minds! That would be cool to see what people actually think of you. I chose the ability to stop time so I can read as much as I want.

  4. I think there would be so many good things and bad things that come with that but I agree, it would be an amazing power to have!

  5. Oh, I could get in to sooo much trouble if I could read minds! But I would have to be able to turn that superpower off or I would go insane. :P

  6. That would be awesome - and also scary. Both a blessing and a curse. :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  7. I chose this too! :) But this ability I think is a bit overwhelming! lol :)

    Followed you back via bloglovin! :) <3

    Donita @ My Random Book Thoughts

    1. I think if there was some way to filter the thoughts, it'd be better.

  8. would be the power to fly because then I could get away from life for a little while or just people in general. You know, sometimes it's just good to get away for a while

  9. I don't think I would like reading minds. I am pretty nervous when it comes wondering what people think of me.