Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Untwined by Edwidge Danticat ARC Book Review


A haunting and mesmerizing story about sisterhood, family, love, and loss by literary luminary Edwidge Danticat.

Giselle Boyer and her identical twin, Isabelle, are as close as sisters can be, even as their family seems to be unraveling. Then the Boyers are caught in a car crash that will shatter everyone's world forever.

Giselle wakes up in the hospital, injured and unable to speak or move. Trapped in the prison of her own body, Giselle must revisit her past in order to understand how the people closest to her--her friends, her parents, and above all, Isabelle, her twin--have shaped and defined her. Will she allow her love for her family and friends to lead her to recovery? Or will she remain lost in a spiral of longing and regret?

Untwine is a spellbinding tale, lyrical and filled with love, mystery, humor, and heartbreak. Award-winning author Edwidge Danticat brings her extraordinary talent to this graceful and unflinching examination of the bonds of friendship, romance, family, the horrors of loss, and the strength we must discover in ourselves when all seems hopeless.

* A very special thanks to the publisher for this review copy*


The same haunting, devastating sadness that is Breath Eyes Memory. Danticat weaves a heartbreaking tale of sisterhood, life and love in Untwine with her usual haitian flair. 

Untwine tells the story of twin teenaged girls, Isabelle, and Giselle. Two twins whose lives are forever changed by a car crash. Trapped in the confines of her unyielding body, Giselle is forced to deal with her past, her future, and the seemingly inability to now deal with it all. 

What's remarkable about Danticat, is that despite the sadness of this novel--it is all done with realistic, and unflinching grace. How she manages to tell such a sad tale with such class--is beyond me. This is not a happy, romantic tale--and yet she kept me reading--even though I should have been crying. 

I really liked the way Danticat weaved in her haitian heritage. It is effortless but it gave the story a special something. It made me feel connected to the story, culturally connected--even though I'm not wholly aware of all that the culture is. 

Everything happened and read fluidly. I loved how the characters were built up--I really felt like I knew them, and I grieved--and questioned everything with them.

There is very little romance, but the little taste that I got left me with a warm feeling right down to the core of me. There is something to be said about this kind of story because it's not happy but it is sad--but it's still worth reading. It's not typical but it's good for when you're in the right head space. Some of us can read books like these whenever, and some of us have to be in the mood. 

It was culturally rich, beautifully written, and classically Danticat. I have to believe her adult readers will really enjoy this one--because this is a story only Danticat could write--in the way that she wrote it--fluidly, emotionally involving, and memory making.

I adore the way she writes, and I'm sure it's to please readers who enjoy their reads emotionally gripping.


  1. WOW to both that synopsis and your review. I am so on board and adding this to my TBR right now!

  2. I love when you can really connect with the characters in a story! Lovely review!

  3. It's been a while since I've read a book by her. I love this kind of books: quiet, lovely and poignant.

  4. This sounds like a great story and what a great cover!! Great review!

  5. As a twin I never found the need to read about twins. I don't know why, maybe because I am one I don't find twins interesting. This sounds like a heart tugging read and I love those :)

  6. I hadn't heard of this one before, but oh my god this cover is beautiful! It sounds like a great books that I need to read.

  7. I've pretty much decided that I'm not reading sad books anymore. I read one just the other day and I just decided they are not for me. But I know so many people love reading them so it's good that this one was well done. Great review! ~Pam

  8. Dang, this sounds wonderful. I love when a book can get me all emotional.

  9. Uh oh Jaz, an emotional one? I can't even remember the last time a book made me cry or a movie. Is this a sob your heart out kind of emotional or the kind where you go "awww" and have a tender feeling? Keionda no wanna cry.

  10. Damn bishhhh, you did that on this review! I see you girl! I seen " I really like how Danticat weaved in her Haitian heritage " YASS YASS, I really need this. I really like how we're getting an opportunity to feel culturally connected to a story, and an emotional, realistic, relateable one at that. Yep, I'm about to hop on voxer to further get your opinion this book! Damn good review boo :)

    1. Lol. Thanks girl! You crazy. You have to try her stuff. It's probably not really your taste but try it!

  11. I have this book in my TBR and your review makes me want to pick this book immediately because your review too looks mysterious. Great work ;)