Monday, September 21, 2015

On the Edge by Allison Van Diepen Book Review


From Allison van Diepen, author of Snitch and Street Pharm, comes a sexy, dangerous novel about a teen who witnesses a murder and gets caught up in the seedy world of Miami’s gangs.
Maddie Diaz never should have taken that shortcut through the park. If she hadn't, she wouldn't have seen two members of the Reyes gang attacking a homeless man. Now, as the only witness, she knows there’s a target on her back. 

But when the Reyes jump her on the street, Maddie is protected by a second gang and their secretive leader, Lobo, who is determined to take down the Reyes himself. Lobo is mysterious and passionate, and Maddie begins to fall for him. But when they live this close to the edge, can their love survive?

On the Edge is a compelling story about fighting for what’s right and figuring out where you belong. The novel showcases a gritty, realistic voice and earth–shattering romance that will intrigue readers of Simone Elkeles and Paul Griffin and captivate fans of Allison van Diepen's other novels.

*A special thanks to the publisher for this review copy*
Anddd that's my review. Thanks for stopping by. See ya. 

Ha. Kidding. But seriously this book is pretty lame. No offense to the author but geez. The entire thing was one giant slice of Kraft American cheese.

So cheesy, so predictable, so un-hard core, so meh.

Quick breakdown. A girl sees a homeless being beaten to his literal death, she interferes--gets hunted by a gang. In steps mysteriously, mysterious Lobo. She falls in love, they lead this supposed gangster life--other stuff, the end. 

The fact that the blurb says this book is compelling literally makes me laugh--geez talk about laying it on thick.

This is a romance through and through. But, it is so cheesy, so predicable and they fell into it way too easily. It wasn't insta-love but it felt too simple.  Like why is this tough mysterious gangster so quick to give up or interfere with all he's worked so hard for, just like that? I expected more of a fight. It would've given the book something.

Then the blurb says, "Gritty, and realistic." Hm. I think I won't touch that.

To be honest, this book was kind of just disappointing, and I wasn't looking for much. I think in the back of my mind I knew how this was going to go, but was hoping to be proven wrong.

I just wouldn't do it again if I had the opportunity. Of course, it was not the worse book ever but as far as romances go, this was a cliche, cheese fest. Pass.

On the Edge, me thinks not.

If this were a class, this book would get a


  1. Ahh sorry this didn't work out for you! I hope your next read is a better one.

  2. Ugh. Hate when a book is super cheesy and predictable. Sorry this wasn't better for you!!

  3. Below Average!! Haha!
    It really does sound extremely cheesy and predictable. That always sucks. It's like a silent betrayal when a book isn't what it cracked up to be (sigh)

  4. Lmao! I felt the same way, Jaz. I thought it was lame too.

  5. Well that sucks. It isn't a book I was necessarily interested in anyway, so I don't feel bad not reading it. lol.

  6. Yuck I hate cheesy cheesy love stories. On that plus side ya for TBBT Amy gif :D Love that woman!

  7. Yup, I think I think this is a pass for me as well. Not really into gangster boys anyway. :)

  8. Oh well, sorry to hear it but thanks for the honest review! ~Pam

  9. This wasn't my thing in the first place, so I'm glad to hear I'm not really missing out on much - LOL. It's a shame that the romance was so cheesy. *sighs* Thanks for sharing your thoughts though and, as always, fabulous review! ♥

    ~ Zoe @ Stories on Stage

  10. I still haven´t read it. thanks for your review.