Friday, September 25, 2015

Five NA Reads Worth Reading To Fill Your Weekend Up With.

You know how you grasp at straws when you have nothing else to post--this here post is that post. Guys, me and reading this week. We were on the outs, but he brought me flowers--so things should be back running smoothly this weekend :)

Anywho, I thought I'd share with you five of each of my favorite NA/YA reads to fill your weekend, you know just in case you were looking ;)

1. Science, Love and Billionaires, Oh my!

This one definitely rates high on the sexual tension charts. I dug the fact the two MC's were chem lab partners. No dummies over here. Also I really liked the humor and that tension filled ending. A must read.

A quote to tease you with: 
The sharpness in his gaze softened and his mouth curved into a lazy, satisfied smile.

"That doesn't sound like a problem to me."

"But it is," I pressed. "Because the feeling originates entirely in my pants."

2. Humor, humor, humor

What can I say about Wallbanger besides it's hilarious. It's romantic, and sexy but it's funny. Like laugh out loud funny--and I cannot say it enough read this book!

A quote to compel you:

"You done with work?
Yep, at home waiting for you.
Now that's a nice visual...
Prepare yourself, I'm taking bread out of the oven.
Don't tease me woman...zucchini?
Cranberry orange. Mmmm...
No woman has ever done breakfast bread foreplay the way you do.
Ha! When you coming?
Can't. Drive. Straight.
Can we have one conversation when you're not twelve?
Sorry, I'll be there in 30
Perfect, that will give me time to frost my buns.
Pardon me?
Oh, didn't I tell you? I also made cinnamon rolls.
Be there in 25.” 

3. Art, Love, and Feels

"How do I love thee. Let me count the ways..."

I loved The Law of Moses. Loved, loved, loved. This book is a thing of beauty. Between the boy who sees death and turns it into art, to the girl with the brassy hair and the smart mouth that changed his life--I was stunned. It floored me.

A quote to seize you:
 "If I were to paint you, I would use every color.” 

4. Loving Ain't Easy

Bad Romeo is angst-y, angst-y, angst-y. But man let me tell you is it worth the ride it takes you on. I want to go back and reread this one just for the heck of it, They had enough energy between the two of them to light the entirety of Times Square. But, you will swoon, and you will not be able to get up.

A quote to give you a peak: 
"And don’t say ‘fluffing’ any more, ’cause that shit cracks me up. You know it’s a porn term, right?” No, I didn’t know it was a fluffing porn term. Do I look like a porn-watching pervert?” 

5. Banter reins supreme

Only For You is indie but it's definitely one of the better ones. The banter between the two MC's is one of the reasons I really loved this one. So if you're a huge fan of banter like myself this is one to grab.

A quote in which the best friend is boy crazy:

“I'm quitting food and becoming a manivore," Sam smacked her lips to emphasize her point.” 

Well, there you have it. Some of my absolute fave NA titles to fill your weekend with. So, go forth and read all the books. You're welcome ;)


  1. Wallbanger was the first NA romance I read and I fell in love with it immediately, lmao. Also for the fact that one of Caroline's best friend is a Filipino girl, lol. I loved Bad Romeo too, so good despite the angst! :D You should try Elle Kennedy's Off-Campus series, it's hilarious and will make you swoon. ;D

  2. I haven't read all of these yet but the ones I have, I've loved as well! I do have the Reid book I need to read it soon!

  3. I've read Wallbanger and totally agree with you! Now I have to try the other ones too. I've been meaning to read more Amy Harmon so I think I'll start with The Law of Moses. Thanks for the rec :D

  4. Elements of Chemistry is totes awesome. I've been reading and re-reading it off and on now. Gah. Martin is sooooo just. Gah.

    1. He is just...everything. I have to read the last one soon.

  5. Never read any of these but they do sound mesmerizing ;)

  6. I loved Law of Moses and Wallbanger!! So good. I own Bad Romeo - Maybe I'll bump it up on the tbr!

  7. I LOVED Bad Romeo, you definitely need to read that one like ASAP. :)

  8. The Law of Moses was AMAZING. I loved Wallbanger too, though I don't consider it NA. I heard so many mixed things about Bad Romeo that I kind of lost interest, but perhaps I should just give it a try.

  9. All I need to say is, if you read a Penny Reid book, you will not be disappointed. Her humor and quirky characters keep me smiling and entertained. I really need to check out the Cocktail books. I have heard so many good things. Great list!

  10. The only one I've read is Elements of Chemistry (which I LOVED), so I need to read the others!! Have you read any of Penny Reid's other books? So far, I've enjoyed all of them! ~Pam

  11. GIRL, I need to read Elements Of Chemistry like asap. When you rave about a book, that gives me the motivation I need to pick it up lol. You and Blessie have also told me about Wall-banger, so it's on my TBR, and YAS to Bad Romeo! I need to read Broken Juliet like now. I'm still mad at the postal service for losing the damn package, assholes :/

  12. I love when you make lists like this! I've read most of these but have yet to pick up Only For You! I'm always pretty meh when it comes to picking up indies but this one sounds like it would be right up my alley!

  13. all of them, I so want to read all of them, why is there never enough time? Pretty sure I own Wallbanger !

  14. I need to read Bad Romeo! I have it, but haven't found the time to get to it. Soon my preciouuusss.

  15. I LOVED The Wallbanger. Read it years ago when it first released. Still haven't read the second book but you are making me want to :D