Monday, August 3, 2015

Perdita by Faith Gardner Book Review

Granted, Arielle has a vast, excitable imagination. But she's not imagining how strange and out of control her life becomes after the death by drowning of her older sister's best friend, Perdita. Not only does this death echo the death of Arielle's own older brother, ten years before, it leads to dreams and visions in which Perdita seems to be reaching out to Arielle, asking for her help. The only other explanation—that Arielle's high-strung emotions have finally caused her to break with reality—is even more terrifying. A story that builds to greater and greater heights of suspicion and fear, Perdita is also a multi-layered literary achievement that leaves no emotion untouched.

* A special thanks to Merit Press for this advanced review copy!

To put this review simply, I'm bringing you a round of likes and dislikes. 

Likes: The writing--it was easy going, sarcastic, and sort of witty. I think Gardner really brought the characters and this story to life with how she writes. Everything just flowed, and I really enjoyed the book for it. 

The MC: Arielle. She was average, not overly pretty, not overly dramatic--she was pretty run of the mill, in a good way. She was never over the top about anything--in a way a lot of young MC's can be. She was pretty funny, and very normal. I dug that. 

The romance--It was kind of feels-y. I kind of swooned. It slowly grew throughout the book, creating a nice build up, and I really liked the two characters together. 

The mystery--initially. The mystery is so mysterious, you pretty much have no clue, what's going on, and why it's going on. But then something changes and I was no longer pleased.

Dislikes: The solving of the mystery: It couldn't have wrapped up any easier. It was way too easy, and it left me feeling disappointed, and unsatisfied.

The sister: It wasn't that she was a raging bee-yatch or anything. She was just strange. Up and down, mean and nice. It was unsettling because I always felt like I didn't know what I was getting with her. Eventually it all kind of gets figured out but,  I still felt funny about her.

Conclusion: Because of the main character, because of her wit, the writing, and the romance I enjoyed this book. If I were judging it solely based on the mystery aspect, I wouldn't be too crazy about it. The author did leave us guessing but the resolution was lackluster. 

I'm intrigued enough to read anything else by the author, she definitely has the chops for it. 


  1. Even though you've rated this one as middle of the pack, I'm intrigued and completely interested just the same. :)

  2. I agree with Joy, this does sound really interesting and I like the slow build up of the romance. Too bad the mystery wasn't handles better because is sounds like this really could have been a four or five star read otherwise.
    Great review!!

  3. Glad to see that you seem to be out of your reading slump!

  4. This sounds interesting but it's a shame things weren't resolved so great!

  5. Although you didn't give it a high rating I'm rather intrigue by this book. Definitely something I will borrow from the library. Adding to my list now. I'm just kind of bummed that things didn't get wrapped up the way they should.

  6. This sounds like something I would read. Plus I'm just going gaga for that cover. Its gorgeous!

  7. This is why suspense novels are a hit or miss for me. The mystery solving is often too overboard or too convenient. Shame this book could've been better. Great review, Jazmen! :)

    1. Yeah, it's usually a hit or miss for me with YA suspense/mystery./Thanks!

  8. I'm not one for reading mystery books, but this one doesn't sound that bad. Mostly because of the mc, I think I would like her.
    Great review, Jaz!

  9. It's funny because when we both ended up receiving the book, I said I was going to wait until you read it first. So if you didn't like it, I'd know what my experience was going to be. I'm a big fan of mystery novels, so I'm 100% sure I'll be irritated by the fact that it was solved so easily, but with the writing and everything else good about the story, maybe I'll be able to look past that.