Friday, June 5, 2015

Drawn by Chris Ledbetter Release Day Book Review

Source: Publisher
Publisher: Evernight Teen
Edition: ebook, 239 pages
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Fantasy

Caught between the sweltering fall landscape of Wilmington, NC beaches and southern illusions and expectations, all sixteen year-old Cameron Shade thinks about is art. That, and for Farrah Spangled to view him as more than just a friend. Cameron longs to win her heart through art.

After several warm interactions with Farrah, including painting together at the beach, Cameron discovers just how complex Farrah’s life is with her boyfriend and her family. Following a tense run-in with Farrah’s father, she forbids Cameron to ever speak to her again, but Cameron’s convinced there’s more behind the request.

To impress Farrah with a last-ditch effort, Cameron sketches her portrait. But the sketchbook he uses hides a dark secret. Farrah’s now in grave danger because the sketch he drew of her siphons her real-life’s soul into the sketchbook. Cameron now has twenty days to extract Farrah. To save her, he must draw himself into the book. 

If he fails… they both die.

*A special thanks to Evernight Teen for this review copy*
Here's how I'm feeling after finishing this book:

Guys, I loved this book.
 It was exactly what I needed to pull me out of my slump-y mood.

In a few words, drawings are deadly in the world of "Terra Sempre," an artistic world where the artists creations have life. Cameron Shade, with his too cool name is crushing hard on his school's newspaper editor, Farrah Spangled. (I loved the names in this book.) She is off limits, gates, dogs, firearms--off limits. But, Cameron Shade can't stifle the searing, burning crush he has on Farrah. Their love is a forbidden one. Farrah's overbearing father and boyfriend keep her from enjoying the true joys in her life, whatever they may be. And, Cameron is not taking any of it lying down. He feels undeniable sparks between the two of them and refuses to believe Farrah doesn't feel the same.

In a last ditch effort to win Farrah's affections, he draws her into a book--that unknowingly has the power to bring it's sketches to life, all the while siphoning the actual life of the person the sketch is based off of. 

With an odd, and realistic portrayal of European life, Cameron is determined to make it into,"Terra Sempre," to save Farrah's life and the clock's a ticking.

Now that you know what this book is about essentially, let's get to the good stuff.

The writing: This was by far my most favorite part of this novel. The writing, it was so relatable, so now. It just felt easy, and it read so smoothly. You can tell by the writing, the author is one cool dude.

The dialogue was fantastic--sarcastic, humorous, and at times romantic. 

The characters: Diverse male characters, yes please!
Cameron: I really liked Cameron. He was fun, and funny. I really loved the relationship he had with his father. A lot of YA relationships--those between child and parent, are often strained. There was a level of respect between the two that never wavered--and I loved it. I'm all for positive relationships.

Jameson, was boisterous in a subtle way, and had a take charge attitude that worked well for his role in the story.  Farrah, our darling female MC, was spunky--she was bright, and despite her ill-working relationship--stood out all on her own. Our villain was unexpected. The father was supportive, and the other supporting characters were solid.

This book had a lot going for it.

The world of video gaming--although I do play video games, I wouldn't exactly call myself a gamer. But, I couldn't help myself from getting caught up in the world of gaming that was included into this story. It was all very real, and exciting. It played a pivotal part in the story--and I think gamers will rejoice at it's presence.

The plot: The pacing was perfect, and I really liked that Ledbetter didn't just jump right into everything. He let things happen gradually, naturally--and it worked.

The romance: It was swift, but I felt it.

Guys, this book is just good. My expectations weren't high but they were met--surpassed. 

Art, European culture, gaming, and romance all combine to make up this kick-ass novel--which set out to do what it intended--to please. 

Drawn is the first novel I'm reading by this author, and I'm sure it won't be the last. Fortunately according to Ledbetter's Goodreads page, Drawn will have a sequel, and I'll be waiting with bated breath. There's much left to explore, and no cliffhangers to hang onto until then.

A favorite for this year!


  1. the cover is pretty cool looking I have to say.. though i think my pictures will kill be for being a lousy artist?

    1. Thanks about the cover. The cover artist, Jay Aheer @JaysCoverDesign did a great job.

  2. What an interesting premise! And your enthusiasm for it is very contagious. Definitely would like to check this book out.

  3. This sounds like a great book. I love books that have passionate romance. Also like that they have a strong male character.

    Grace @ Books of Love

    1. Thanks for your kind words. Hope you enjoy it.

  4. This is new to me but I love that it pulled you out of a slump! Books like that deserve so much love!!

  5. I'm glad you liked this one. I could feel your excitement in your review. :) I'm really a romance girl with some drama mixed in there so this seems like it would be a very good read. :) and I have to agree with too, the names are AWESOME!:)

  6. I'm so glad you loved this book, and omg the cover is really pretty! I love that the characters are amazing in this book, because sometimes books focus more on the plot than the characters and it's hard to empathize with them in that case. Lovely review!

  7. Jazmen, thank you so much for your enthusiastic review. I am so happy and tickled that you *got* it and that the characters and story spoke to you.


    1. Thanks! :) I appreciate you stopping by and commenting!

  8. I have to confess that I'd seen this one, but hadn't given it that much thought before. But after reading your review, it sounds like something I'd really like - I'll have to give this one a try!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  9. I have to confess that I'd seen this one, but hadn't given it that much thought before. But after reading your review, it sounds like something I'd really like - I'll have to give this one a try!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  10. This book sounds good and I will make sure that I read it. And great review!!

  11. I didn't know this book was that good! I have seen it around but I haven't thought much about it except "cool cover". But now I am intrigued! I want it. :D Thanks for the cool review, Jazmen!

  12. pacing is so critical in books like this one. This one is totally new to me and It looks good. Thanks for putting it on my radar

    Great Review!

    Michelle @ Book Briefs

  13. I hadn't even heard of this one, but I'm going to add it to my TBR…great review! ~Pam

  14. Great informative review. I am feeling the whole fantasy thing right now.