Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday--I Read YA week- Ten Reasons I Read YA

Because this week is I read YA (pride) week, I decided to make my post top ten reasons I read YA.

1. I read YA because I can.  
I read Young Adult because I can--because I can read whatever piece of literature I want, and no one or anyone can do anything about it.

2. I love the range of topics, and sub-genres that YA encompasses.
YA authors don't hold back. They create creatures that don't exist. They create their own languages. They create characters that are even relatable to adults. There are dragons, and vampires, and mechanical monsters. There is no shortage of imagination in this genre! I mean where else in the world, can you find a place, where kids can compete in a game that allows you to kill someone else--and not face criminal charges?

3. I love the boys!
The boys in YA are so passionate. When they love, they love with all their teenaged heart. They bring forth a passion that I sometimes find lacking in adult fiction.

4. The authors are totally cool people.
A lot of the  YA authors I have come across personally or through others have been totally cool people, with super cool personalities, expansive imaginations, and really interesting minds.

5. The ability to escape
Because YA has so many different themes, and worlds--when I need to escape I can find a range of characters and worlds to escape into.

6. I like all the drama.
I love the love triangles and squares, the arguments, the angst, the dramatic love, the harsh topics, all the drama--when it's done right!

7. It keeps me young.
YA reminds me to stay young. It reminds me not to take myself so seriously.

8. The covers are amazing.
Of course not all book covers are nice, but YA covers have some of the best. The illustrations, the titles, the colors. I covet so many of them and they look great alongside each other.

9. I like series.
Yes there are series in adult literature but I love the fact that YA has so many of them. It allows me to revisit characters I really liked.

10. YA has some of the best TV shows and movies.
Of course, not all of the YA movies, and YA book based shows are good but--Pretty Little Liars, Hunger Games, and yes, Twilight are among some of my most favorite TV shows and movies. I love seeing these magical worlds come to life on the big screen.


  1. It makes me so sad that people have really low opinions of YA. It's really not that bad, just only a certain few have given the genre a bad name. I think I'll still be reading YA when I'm middle aged!

    Lizzie @ lizziethesarcasticblonde.blogspot.com

    1. I think it's mostly adults that read YA that get a bad rap, of course YA itself does but so many people feel like once you reach a certain age--it's time to move on. But, truth be told I read what I want to read and can't no one tell me differently. I'll probably read YA until I'm middle aged too!

  2. Such an amazing list! I totally agree with #2. My biggest pet peeve is when people think all YA is like Twilight or TFiOS. There is so much variety to it. It's not a genre, it's an age category. I also think the authors are genuinely amazing people and love all the series. YA is amazing!
    Cassi @ My Thoughts Literally

  3. I totally agree about the passion in YA! Whenever I try adult, I find some of the things to be lacking. Sure there isn't any drama (which I'm not a big fan of), but it's also harder to read, more complicated, and more importantly, I relate to NONE OF IT! :D Awesome topic and YES TO YA PRIDEEEE

  4. I ❤ YA! Your list sums up perfectly why I, and every reader out there, love YA (or should). I started reading when I was a teen, now I'm an "adult" and I still love all the feels - good and bad - that these books bring to me. Lets NEVER feel ashamed of what we like to read. ;)

  5. I agree with EVERYTHING on your list! I love me some New Adult and Adult novels, but I could never stay away from YA! This genre has some of the best authors, and I will admit that most of my favorite books are actually YA. You summed up everything I would've said about this topic girl, great list :)

  6. Yes! Great topic and great reasons. I LOVE YA. Such a great genre and I don't care how old I am I will never stop reading it.

  7. The boys, the varied sub-genres, the drama, the ability to escape, and yes, because I can, and should, read what I want to read. I plan on keeping reading YA. Great topic! ~Pam

  8. "It keeps me young"

    LOL I so agree with that statement, I love reading YA books as well - it's a great genre with many diverse novels. It has books with concepts that other genres usually don't. Lovely pick this week <3 Benish | Feminist Reflections

  9. Ha! "I read YA because I can". Exactly. I read a variety of genres, and YA has really stepped it up over the last several years. It does keep you young. I read less YA as a teen than I did when reading with my own kids.

  10. Yes!! I've tried so many times to read 'Adult' books and I find myself creeping back to YA every time just because it's much more interesting! I feel like 'Adult' authors want to write about realistic things while a lot of us read books to escape the real world! Great post! :D

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

  11. I love YA! I also like science fiction, though. I think it's so dumb that people often look down on YA - I always feel like it doesn't matter what genre you read as long as you do! :) And you are right! All of the good book adaptations are usually YA. I especially liked The Giver movie, even though a lot of people didn't.

  12. Great post! I definitely read YA for the boys (Noah Shaw *swoon*) too...and other things, obviously haha.

    Samantha @ Samantha Reads