Thursday, April 23, 2015

Seeing Through Stones by Rajdeep Paulus Book Review

From Award-Winning, Young Adult author Rajdeep Paulus comes the sequel to Swimming Through Clouds, a powerful reminder that life is a battle you don't fight alone. 

"I live in the in between. Between yesterday and forever. The way forward haunts me. The gap I must cover daunts me. And hope beckons, 'Run to me,' but I just learned to walk." 

After a lifetime of abuse, the Vanderbilt siblings flee their home, finally free to pursue new dreams while running from yesterday's nightmares. Once bed-ridden Jesse navigates the Chicago streets, concealing his identity and planning revenge. A chance encounter in the rain introduces a girl who offers Jesse a glimpse of a sunnier future, but how will he weather the growing storm inside himself?

Separated from her Post-it note prince, Talia hides at a safe house for survivors of domestic violence while her father turns the city upside-down to find her. Surrounded by women fighting their own demons, Talia faces her past at every turn.
Imagine living your life wondering when and if your next breath will be your last. Will those shadows come out and press up against you with fingers you can't pry away? That is the way Talia Vanderbilt, and her brother Justice "Jesse" Vanderbilt live--constantly hiding, running and ducking the father that helped bear them.

The past is haunting them and it is threatening to take them down--the only difference is this time, this time they might be ready to fight back.

In this sequel, the story continues right where book one left off. Talia is on her own, no Lagan and no Jesse. She's in a domestic violence shelter wondering just what it means to truly be free--if she's free at all. Jesse, who has also fled their "home" is out for blood--his fathers's, and despite Talia's warning for him to remain sage. He's out on the streets, with just what's left in his pockets, his plans for revenge, and hopes for a new life.

The one thing I truly liked about this book was the encompassing and lingering feeling of hope that was weaved throughout the pages. If it were by Talia's new found family at the shelter, or through Jesse's chance encounter with a girl named after a season, or just the general idea that there is more to life--there's was always this feeling of hope despite the sadness and fear.

That's what kept the characters going, and it kept me going, rooting for the characters. I want that HEA for them so bad. HEA aren't always cookie cutter, but if the character can find some semblance of happiness in some way--that's what I want for the Vanderbilt siblings.

This book unlike the first spends a lot of time focusing on Jesse's battles, and struggles. It was nice to see. Of course, you get Talia's side of everything but it was nice to learn more about Jesse. It was doubly nice to see him meet someone.

Lagan, sweet Lagan, is just as sweet as ever. He's written to melt the hearts of girls all over the world. I adore his character, and I love his title, "The post-it prince." I can't look at a post-it note without smiling.

I enjoyed the story and the direction the characters are taking. I'm very excited to see how it all concludes because if I don't want anything else from this series--I want these characters to be free--in whatever way free means to them.

Book three, Soaring Through Stars, is out today! I will be posting a review for it! So look for that but grab a copy if you're dying to see how it ends!

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  1. These books sound beautiful! Sad too of course, but when there's that sense of hope from the characters, of them trying to find the bright spot in their lives after everything they've been through, it's hard not to appreciate how great they are. I'll try to check the first book soon and I'll be keeping an eye for your review of book three. Crossing fingers for the HEA!