Friday, April 3, 2015

Savage Chains by Caris Roane Book Review


His name is Reyes. His mission is simple; his methods, extreme. He is hellbent on infiltrating—and destroying—a notorious sex-slave ring in the dangerous world of vampire clubs.


Her name is Angelica. Her beauty is incomparable; her body, for sale. She is the prize attraction in a human slave auction, and Reyes is prepared to pay any price to buy her—then free her.


Disguised as a slaver, Reyes strikes a devil’s bargain to purchase the one woman who has stolen his heart. Angelica feels an irresistible erotic connection to this gorgeous, powerful vampire—but can she trust a man who trafficks in human flesh, even if his hungry gaze ignites her darkest desires? Reyes wants to prove she is more than a slave to him—but can he break the savage chains of destiny that bind his love-scarred soul forever?
A special thanks to St. Martin's Press for providing a copy for review!

A sexy, and ruthless story of captivity, and new love. 

Reyes is dead set on taking down a savage, sex-slave ring--even it means it needs to be done with his bare hands. Angelica, a fiery, outspoken beauty finds herself on the selling block waiting to be purchased as a sex slave. Only to come face to face with the man she's been infatuated with since first sight, Reyes.

Disguised as a slaver, Reyes seeks to buy Angelica and convince her that although he seems like a monster with disgusting desires, his only plan is to free her and convince her that there's more to this seemingly slave, slaver relationship.

This story came off as very clinical, and was a little stiff for my liking, Even though the blooming romance between our two main characters was intense, as was the love making. I just wasn't fully into it. 

Both Reyes, and Angelica had likable traits but their romance felt too serious and not passionate enough. The passion they did have only felt real when they were in bed.

It was just something about this book that kept me from fully enjoying it. Savage chains was a decent read but the emotional part was lacking for me. For a story that has vampires, the plot was original--so it does have that. But, I wouldn't go crazy over it.

If a story with spicy sex, and ruthless powerful vampires are your thing, this book is for you. Otherwise don't go into this one looking for any feels, unless rather serious lovers are your thing.

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  1. Sadly, spicy sex is not my thing so I'm pretty sure this book wouldn't sit well with me. :/