Thursday, April 16, 2015

Chasing Power by Sarah Beth Durst

Lies, secrets, and magic — three things that define Kayla's life.

Sixteen-year-old Kayla plans to spend her summer hanging out on the beach in Santa Barbara and stealing whatever she wants, whenever she wants it. Born with the ability to move things with her mind — things like credit cards, diamond rings, and buttons on cash registers — she has become a master shoplifter. She steals to build up a safety net, enough money for her and her mom to be able to flee if her dad finds them again. Well, that, and the thrill of using her secret talents.

But her summer plans change when she's caught stealing by a boy named Daniel — a boy who needs her help and is willing to blackmail her to get it. Daniel has a talent of his own. He can teleport, appearing anywhere in the world in an instant, but he lies as easily as he travels. Together, they embark on a quest to find and steal an ancient incantation, written on three indestructible stones and hidden millennia ago, all to rescue Daniel's kidnapped mother. But Kayla has no idea that this rescue mission will lead back to her own family — and to betrayals that she may not be able to forgive... or survive.

A special thanks to Bloomsbury for this review copy!

I'm sorry to say it, but this book just wasn't all that great. It wasn't really bad but it wasn't that great. Why? The characters. They were all so lackluster and blah that I don't know how I managed to make it through the book--because I just did not care. I didn't care about the journey. I didn't care about the "drama." I definitely didn't care about the romance. I just didn't care.

For one, the MC, she's interesting in a whole being able to move things with her mind, and being a shoplifter--and getting caught stealing by a mysterious boy, seemed cool, but it read boring. Kayla, as a character just didn't do much for me. She was sarcastic which I usually like but I just didn't care for her much. She was very flat.

The boy, Daniel, with the ability to teleport anywhere in the world--could have been cool but, he was also boring. He was sort of sensitive, in tuned with his feelings, which was sort of endearing but still I felt no connection to him whatsoever.

The journey--trying to find these magical stones, and rescue Daniel's Mother, it all sounds so thrilling doesn't it? Well, it pretty much wasn't. It was like okay they're going to find these stones, and they're trying, and Daniel keeps getting hurt, boo, boring!

Without being too spoiler-y, at almost every stop Daniel was getting knocked out. I think the poor boy probably suffered head trauma. Sheesh.

The romance--I'm not even sure if I can say there was any because that didn't truly kick in until the later half of the book, which is probably where it should have started but, the way it came about, just did not sit well with me.

There was no lead up, no fire. it was just all like I think I like him, I think I like her, okay romance, check, done. Then when the word love was introduced I had to go back a page because, I was like, "Huh?" It was mentioned so nonchalantly, I didn't even buy it. 

*Deep breath* This book is not horrible don't get me wrong, it just struggles. It tries but it struggles. I feel like the author could have done something more to this story to up the ante. I'm not sure what, but something. There's no reason a story with such an intriguing plot, should be this flat. Maybe it's me. I don't know but I'm not impressed. 

It's probably my own fault because I read another novel by this author, and again it wasn't horrible but I wasn't feeling it. I think I'll just skip her books, unless I get suckered in by another intriguing premise--because guys, the premise, it's gets me every time. 


  1. Aw, it's sad to hear this one wasn't great! I was looking forward to it! Plus, I really like the cover. Great review!

  2. I'm sorry this wasn't good for you! It sounds like there was a fair number of concussions and silliness! Lovely review :-)

  3. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it. The blurb sounds a bit odd yet at the same time a bit interesting. It's a shame that it struggles to make things good. Thanks for the honest review :)

    czai @ the Blacksheep Project

  4. Mmm, I haven't heard many good things about this book at all! Think I may have to pass this up, I can't deal with blah ass characters girl lol.