Monday, March 23, 2015

Captive by Brighton Walsh--New Adult ARC Review

He’s the most dangerous man she’s ever met…and she’s falling in love with him.

Madison Frost is desperate to escape her life. Daughter of a prominent businessman, she has everything a girl could ask for. Except for a family who’s present in her life, and anyone to talk to outside the four walls of the prison she calls home. Madison dreams of one day leaving her life behind. She never thought being kidnapped is how it would happen.

Now she’s being held captive by a man who’s as frightening as he is sinfully gorgeous. Enormous, muscular, and filled with secrets, the man they call Ghost is an enigmatic mercenary, and Madison is trapped with him. She doesn’t know who hired him or why, but the more time she spends at his mercy, the more she realizes he’s not what he seems. Beneath his rough exterior lies an unexpected gentleness and a heart as broken and battered as her own.

But as Madison lets down her walls, Ghost holds tight to his, hiding secrets that could destroy everything.

I don't know what kind of brilliance Walsh has written before--according to almost every review I've read she has written some brilliant books, but I'm going to go against everything that was already said here, and say despite the many other books Walsh has supposedly written brilliantly--this one just did not do it for me, not completely.

Let's start with what I did like: Madison Frost, our MC. Madison was a BBW, and I was all about that. Well, I can't say wholeheartedly that she was a BBW, but you get the distinct impression she has more meat on her body than most of the other usual girls in these kinds of novels--which was an interesting and welcome change. 

I'm all for whatever image an author wants to portray but when I meet a character that directly reflects the reality I know, I'm all for it. Besides the fact that Madison's physical appearance was more realistic, she was strong and fierce despite her circumstances, and I appreciated that. She didn't come off as meek despite her naiveté about life--which is a direct result of her "silver spoon in mouth," lifestyle.

Secondly, Ghost (Gage)--he was in all of his bulky, huge, blue-eyed man-ness, a great character. He gave me some warm feelings even though I felt like I wanted to know more about his character. I feel like I just got the surface of what he was about, and I wanted more. I needed it to feel the connection I craved to feel. (That's a little of what I like and don't like but, I digress.

Another thing I liked was the sex scenes believe it or not. They were lengthy but they worked. They were as spicy as they were intense. I liked them, and there was never too much, and they were perfectly times--which was also nice.

Now, what I didn't like--The development of the characters mainly Ghost. I just felt like I didn't learn enough about him. Sure, he was hot but it wasn't enough. I needed depth, and I just didn't get it.

The romance. I just wasn't into it. I wanted to be. I really did but, I wasn't. Not really at all. Sure they seemed good together but it just felt kind of lacking. I didn't feel that spark that makes couples shine in a book. *sigh*

I could go on and on about what I liked and didn't like but who has that time. It was a decent read with spicy sex scenes, but I just wasn't into it. It will please many I'm sure of it. It just didn't do it for me, and frankly, that's a shame.


  1. Aw, I'm a bit sad you couldn't like this read as much - I liked Ghost's character as well, but I did notice that it was focused a lot on his looks too. Thanks for the honest review <3 Benish | Feminist Reflections

  2. I thought Captive was going to turn out to be a great read, but it's too bad the characters weren't exactly what you were hoping. Depth IS important, more so when we are dealing with books that have a dark or supposedly difficult theme.
    Still, I have to say that I'm enamored with the cover. It's gorgeous with its pretty and bright colors. :)