Friday, December 5, 2014

2014's Top Ten Faves and Let Downs

1. Bad Romeo--I adored this novel. The back and forth, the build up. It was all so good!
2. Melt--Loved this book, the romance happened quick but it was right, it felt right.
3. Kiss of Broken Glass--This was the first book I read in verse and I loved it. I read it all the way through to the end.
4. Sway--Realistic, and on point. I loved it!
5. Illusions of Fate--Colorful, perfect banter, an excellent read!

6. Puddle Jumping--This had an amazing romantic connect, so very unique.
7. I Am The Weapon-- Action packed with great writing.
8. My Life With The Walter Boys--A feel good read with the perfect blend of romance and laughter.
9. Swimming Through Clouds--A tough subject with an amazing love story.
10.How to Get Ainsley Bishop to Fall in love with You-- Just adorable. I absolutely loved this book!

1. Anatomy of a Misfit--This book offended me in so many ways. I didn't even bother rating it.
2. Wicked Games--Just annoying.
3. Rusty Nailed--Didn't have it's usual Clayton flair. Not as funny, not as romantic.
4. The Secrets of Lily Graves--I just didn't feel for this story what I thought I would.
5. We Were Liars--I know this was considered a stand out novel for most but it did not blow me away at all, it barely moved me.

6. Perfected--Just didn't love it.
7. Cinderella's Dress--I expected to love this far more than I did.
8. Beautiful Oblivion--A good book but didn't have that same feeling I did with Beautiful Disaster.
9. Vivian Divine is Dead-- It was an okay read but I didn't too much care for it.
10. Pandemic--Just meh.


  1. Great idea to list your faves and let-downs. I might have to do this myself! I really enjoyed Sway, Ainsley Bishop and I Am the Weapon. Now I just need to read those others. Haven't read any of your let-downs, but I'm still considering We Were Liars - it's definitely gotten mixed reviews, but some people LOVE it!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  2. I had so many, I had to make it into quarterly lists AND a yearly list. I like the title of Bad Romeo - I wonder what it's about. ;)

    I hope your reads for 2015 will be FANTABULOUS. :D

  3. Cool list! I thought Perfected was going to be a hit, but I was wrong. Haven't read it tho. I hope to read Melt soon!

  4. Great list. I enjoyed We were Liars, but I don't think it was worth the hype. The ending was a bit of a surprise though.

  5. Great post! I really enjoyed Sway as well.