Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Break-Up Artist by Phillip Siegel Book Review

Some sixteen-year-olds babysit for extra cash.

Some work at the mall.

Becca Williamson breaks up couples.

Becca knows from experience the damage that love can do. After all, it was so-called love that turned Huxley from her childhood best friend into a social-world dictator, and love that left Becca's older sister devastated at the altar. Instead of sitting on the sidelines, Becca strikes back—for just one hundred dollars via PayPal, she will trick and manipulate any couple's relationship into smithereens. And with relationship zombies overrunning her school and treating single girls as if they're second-class citizens, business is unfortunately booming. Even Becca's best friend, Val, has resorted to outright lies to snag a boyfriend.

One night, Becca receives a mysterious offer to break up the most popular couple in school: Huxley and raw football team's star player, Steve. To succeed, she'll have to plan her most elaborate scheme to date—starting rumors, sabotaging cell phones, breaking into cars...not to mention sneaking back into Huxley's good graces. All while fending off the inappropriate feelings she may or may not be having for Val's new boyfriend.

No one said being the Break-Up Artist would be easy.

 The Break-Up Artist is a fun contemporary read that attempts at rom-com and plays with some of the heavier issues found in relationships.

The Break-Up Artist although my kind of contemporary read, was a little bit lackluster where I thought it'd be strongest.

The romance was a little low in a novel that dealt so heavily with relationships. First off the focal point of the novel was not the characters romantic relationships but their friendly ones.

The main character dealt with a lot of relationship destruction, and questioning of the relevancy of romantic relationships and it's affect on friendships. This is what led her to become the break-up artist--tired of losing friends and being ostracized.

The idea of being a hired relationship destroyer was a unique premise and it held up pretty well but, it just didn't really thrill me.

I enjoyed the novel and I thought the characters were solid and sufficient enough to keep my interest but I wanted so desperately for the romance to be stronger but I guess it was to be expected from a novel titled, 'The Break-up Artist."

I don't want to downplay my enjoyment of the novel, because I very much enjoyed it but not to the extent I had hoped. It was solid in it's delivery just a little bit disappointing. The characters will intrigue you but they might not be much for some people.

It's a read I would recommend but I wouldn't go crazy over it.


  1. I have this on my iBooks, but not exactly sure I want to read it. Great review! :)

  2. I felt the same way you did about this one. I liked it fine, but I didn't love it. I thought it was unique and different from the normal contemporary, but I usually like romantic contemporaries and this definitely wasn't. Great review! ~Pam

  3. Hmm.. I thought this book would be heavy on romance. That's too bad, I kind of like those (I LOVE them) ;) One day perhaps I'll check this book out but I won't hurry up to get to it. Thanks for the review, Jazmen! :D